The Brauntzes.

It’s already been a whole year since this sweet face and her brother came into this world! Her adorableness has been brightening the moods of all those around her! Literally, a doll sitting there. She has an open mouth smile, but this isView full post »

The Hammergrens.

The day after Ella was born, I went to the hospital to document the hilarity that was two brothers meeting their baby sister. Or should I say, Daddy, forcing them to get near her, much less touch her. She had some struggles with her bilirubinView full post »

Natalie & Paul.

Natalie and Paul got engaged a few months ago and I was so honored when she contacted me to shoot some engagement pics for them! She knows a plethora of photogs, as she’s a very well established local photog, herself! She wanted me to comeView full post »

The Niehauses.

When I woke up on Sunday, the fog was so thick I couldn’t see my neighbors houses even two doors away. It lifted a little but still kept thick enough that I had to drive with caution to the park. I was pretty excited about it as it would addView full post »

Sadie & Rashee.

I find myself in this weird space in time right now. I’m getting older but still feel the same age as I once was coaching my girls year round for yearsss. And now here THEY ARE older than I was then and getting maaaarrrrrieed. My brain isView full post »

The Millers.

A couple April’s ago, Erica asked me to shoot their son’s newborn images. It was a special session because the week prior they had no idea they were about to be parents!! This years text was very similar to the last as they wereView full post »

The Spangenbergs.

This little sweetie, Sameer, came a few weeks early! With early babes comes sleepiness…and that, I am not mad about! Sam was the first sleepy baby I’ve had in long while that couldn’t have cared any less when I moved him! SoView full post »

The Augs.

The world got a little sweeter last week! Another boy for Brittany and Jeff! Hello, George Jeffrey! Brady has been coached by his pain in the butt father to not like pictures. I was a bit anxious going in that he would do his infamous sporadicView full post »