Mr. & Mrs. Schneider!

It’s always a great problem to have when my folder of images is way.too.big. That means only one thing, a great time was had the entire day, non stop! 100% this wedding day was enjoyable start to finish, even while sweating from every poreView full post »

The Dotzauers.

Only the most adorable group of humans, ever. Cousins all came in town to vaca and party and well…have family pics taken. 🤣 !!! What a lucky gram! It’s going to be sad for me the day that Stella decides she’s too oldView full post »

The Stemples.

Multiple times as I processed this session to blog, I found myself smiling. Sometimes even chuckling outloud. 😍 Downtown Cincy has so many hidden treasures that the people are restoring to their potential again! So much of this genuineView full post »

Mr & Mrs Kramer!

Our first 95º summer wedding day of the year was successful! Mom and her maid of honor helped as the rest of the crew waited outside with bated breath! Katlin was looking in the mirror and all Julia said was, “Hunter!” and thisView full post »

The Heinys.

I barely know Kate but I just feel like Kristy would look at this and say, YEP! THAT’S EXACTLY MY KATE! 🤣😍 Two giggly lil ladies will have ANOTHER sister sooner than later!! Caroline was so easy to make smile last yr andView full post »

The Fischessers.

We wandered the downtown streets and took in all the sights, smells and the crazy people. Always good entertainment, even first thing in the morning, as the people haven’t gone to bed yet so the conversations are even more special and theView full post »

The Nusekabels.

This handsome little boy just turned ONE! I wish I could remember what I said 🤣! So their session was scheduled during the great summer rains of 2019. We moved them around and we thought we were finally done with the rain on the radar atView full post »

The Murphys.

These cuties had so much fun shooting. They’re basically a bunch of models. Erin requested a silhouette and I don’t like to disappoint so we played around with a few. 💕 SO pretty! When mom is so stunning, you make her poseView full post »