To see more of Isla fresh outta the womb, click HERE! Heart, Melanie.View full post »

The Klares.

Drum rollllll for the cutest family that ever was. This cracks me up on so many levels. We had fun with silos for a handful of minutes. Gosh you guys are perfect! Can you even imagine Hope and Grace in this too? ::Sobs:: I always tell parents,View full post »

The Jeans.

These red lips, the lean into his new baby sister and that sweet little grin! Lewis! You’re killing me! “Hmmm, lemme fink. Should I scream?” “Nah. I’ll smile for dis nice lady!” Just in case Mommy wanted toView full post »

The Hugheses.

This is a three-peat Beautiful Beginnings family, but my first time shooting them with my Loft 3 cap on! My friend Kelly shot Jude’s birth, while I captured the other two! Turns out there’s little differences between the sweating,View full post »

The Dierigs.

My goodness! Those faces! I just want to squeeze them too!! Danielle was so worried Claire was going to be crazy. Nope, she was adorable and hilarious. I asked Rob to go stand in this spot for a light check. As he turned to face me, Stella ranView full post »

The Hudobas.

Christine and her brother were both in town visiting their folks and since mama is turning 75 soon, they wanted to gift her a session! Their Bedlington Terrier, according them is “the 5th family member.” So obviously, he wasView full post »

Sally & Nick.

Sally and Nick are getting married this fall! It’s been a long time coming and I know it’ll be worth the wait! That look you’re giving Nick…smokin. “Come on, this is only as awkward as you make it.” EveryoneView full post »

The Proctors.

Nothing like bringing out your nice living room couch to your driveway to get an adorable portrait! Such an attractive family! These two! Ari was a tough crowd but every now an then he’d give me the sweetest little smile! When you haveView full post »