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I feel like all the boy seniors I ever shoot are so shy and “just tell me what to do and I will…” kinda personality. Max fit just that mold. He plays water polo, which I literally know zero things about, but he wanted to bringView full post »

The Blomes.

These two goofs just celebrated 25yrs and make it look so easy, as they’re always laughing. Truly, the whole family was so comfortable and just having a good time! Well done! A mutual friend described them as a real life Barbie and KenView full post »

The Hicks.

Three teenage boys showed up bright and early on a sunday mornin’, held hands and humored me for 90minutes. What dolls! I feel like the day my boys are all taller than me are going to be here before I know it. UGH. Look how sweet you guysView full post »


I’m glad the flowers around weren’t completely ruined by all the dang cold we’ve had this spring! The butterfly exhibit has some fun yarn bombing happening outside the Krohn! This gorgeous natural!! Love this! Holy stunning,View full post »


Our college pal and later bride, is making a big move to NYC! She started a RedHead beauty blog awhile back and was in seek of new headshots for that and for future needs! We hung out at a local park for an hour catching up and having fun. NoView full post »


All 3 Olinger gals have debuted on the Loft3 blog now. <3 I met Emme as a tween and now she’s staring college in the face! The sun was being dramatic and creating this moody light in the field. <3 So pretty, Em! I can hear yourView full post »


I started out at the Heierts for a couple yearly family pics! Seeing this family laugh together, never gets old. ::heart eyes:: I don’t think they could be anymore beautiful!! Ashtyn and I headed to town because now she’s aView full post »


Bella and I had fun wandering the city streets looking for places she could enhance with her beauty. So pretty! I always feel a little bad when I have people lean against crusty walls, but that texture is why we shoot downtown! The second halfView full post »