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I got to spend a beautiful Fall morning with this pretty gal. Her semi looney mother showed up and was doing multiple inappropriate things behind my back. A lot of seniors relax more without their moms shadowing us but Amy brought out someView full post »


Hello gorgeous! It was so nice of the leaves to change colors accentuate your hair so nicely! The funny thing about this image is that I made her stand there and wait and wait until the wind blew the flag how I wanted it. I didn’t evenView full post »


I just had to break off from Katherine’s family blog and do a post of her “senior” pictures separately. She and the sunlight made my camera and I giddy. She’s actually starting her freshman year in Biology at UCLA thisView full post »


Amongst Kaitlin’s hectic volleyball schedule, she managed to sneak me in for some quality photos. 🙂 You’re adorable and your blue worked so well with this painterly scene! I asked her, “So your folks won’t get mad thatView full post »


Rob was so quiet and polite the whole session. Right around this point is where the confidence transition happened. I always talk about this, especially with seniors. I love when they finally relax into it and feel way more comfortable withView full post »


Way back when, I knew Emily when she was barely a school ager, bouncing through halls, seeing what things she could do to help the staff teaching her younger siblings before and after school started. I never had the joy of teaching her, but I hadView full post »


Introducing Miss Sarah, the beautiful. The light annoyed me all night but the wind made up for the sun’s moodiness. Yes. Love! This blue is so stunning on you! Do yourself a favor and wear it all the time!! This was about the time theView full post »


There’s this girl that I know. She lives on my street and she’s super pretty. Like, really gorgeous. Her name is Lizzie and I want you to meet her. I like a brown eyed girl in the sunlight. Blue eyed folks can’t ever look at meView full post »