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The Smiths.

I spent the morning on the Smith’s property where they own nearly 100acres of land! Growing up on on this type of space must have been so fun! All the activities you can do in an expanse like that! Mom and Dad lookin hot! The girls wereView full post »


Jake’s closing out his senior year. Can’t believe there’s already countdown happening to the school year! He relaxed quickly which makes the session so much smoother! The sky was so clear and the sun was strong. It’sView full post »


Luke and his mom hopped into my car and ventured into the city with me to wander. Luke actually mumbled he was worried I was going to kidnap him. I mean, that’s fair. He doesn’t know me. But let’s be honest. If I’m going toView full post »

The Meisels.

Nikki was worried that this late in the season, their backyard wouldn’t be pretty anymore. Looking out the back windows, it was indeed quite bare but, angles and lighting and bokeh, baby!! The dogs were hilarious. Don’t be fooled thatView full post »

The McAlisters.

Let’s play, squish the little brother!! These handsome fellas!! Gimme all the rainbow leaves! They’ve been hosting Francisco from Italy! The last time I shot them, they were a bunch of boys. Now I feel like I need to say, ChrissyView full post »


I just feel liiiiike…these youth of today are so lucky to skip right passed that awkward stage and right on to striking beauty thats it’s totally unfair. I mean, the gene pool is legit getting stronger and as a photog, I’m notView full post »


This beautiful girl, right here. Man oh man. It makes my heart skip a beat when I see the woman she’s become as I met her when she was a tiny little 5yo in my classroom. Like why do you look so mature?! You look like you’re easilyView full post »


I feel like all the boy seniors I ever shoot are so shy and “just tell me what to do and I will…” kinda personality. Max fit just that mold. He plays water polo, which I literally know zero things about, but he wanted to bringView full post »