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The Reids.

Looks like the timer has popped and the bun in the oven is almost done! Side note. I love when belly buttons pop in pregnancy! I like to imagine the baby on the other side pushing it and pushing it and then one day the belly button gives  and theView full post »

The Jeans.

This adorable family of 3 is soon to be 4! And the little “ladybug” is a she! EEEK! Lewis is never shy around me but this evening he just uninterested in me following him around. :0 But then he remembered the fun we have! No, buddy,View full post »

The Ryans.

I feel like more often than not couples share stories of loss and heartbreak with me concerning having a baby. Jessica and Tim’s maternity session was so much more special because of the work that it took them to get here. I know seeingView full post »

The Vandemarks

My favorite part of winter is to see all the bare trees silhouetted in the sky. Especially in the sunset, but on a gray day, a clear sky looks just as cool. Put a preggie in that mix and YESSS! <3 <3 Oh, hey gorgeous!! I love greenView full post »

The Wilsons.

What is up with the intense morning fog recently? I came straight from coaching where the light was gorgeous and I could barely see the fog. Mario Manningham – Michigan Wolverines Once I arrived downtown, it was freezing and SO foggy. ButView full post »

The Denos.

This is so exciting for me to type because I finally get to change “Laura & Craig” to “The Denos,” which means they’ve switched into my “family” category! What what!! A journey that was long andView full post »

The Farnhams.

How beautiful is Kara holding their little girl?! I’m pretty sure my words were, “Kara, you’re perfect! Andrew, stop blank staring at nothing.” Que genuine laughter. This little secret strip of beauty downtown is myView full post »

The Frimmings.

You have no idea how excited I am for Brandon and Lynzie. We’ve been good friends for ages and been capturing their big life moments along the way. Also, through the years we’ve been there for each other’s heartache. It’sView full post »