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The Tracys.

What started out with the Klems family session, turned into updating everyone in my family’s pictures. What was supposed to be an hr session, became 4hrs. HA!   Look at these BEAUTIES. Aren’t you guys just gorgeous. Those colorsView full post »

Rock Pink Par-Tay ’14

Another birthday week of Ali’s has passed while we celebrate her here on Earth while she does whatever it is you do in Heaven on your Earthly bday. She is 34 this year! So hard to believe this was the 3rd birthday without her. It was a jamView full post »


When the Today Show was chillin at our house back in December, they asked me to shoot a mini session of Ben and Olivia. The goal was to get some footage of me doing what I do and bringing out Olivia’s personality. Olivia was not fond of theView full post »

The Nunerys.

After multiple tries at getting some 3yr pics of Olivia, Uncle Ben had a brilliant idea. Probably the best idea he’s ever had since knowing me. (Other than painting their bathroom a bold color against my sister’s wishes.) He asked meView full post »

Orlando 2013

We did it. We took our first family trip to Disney World. It. Was. Awesome. And also exhausting. Very, very exhausting. At the last minute Adam and I decided to suck ut up and fly because our kids are demons in the car. A trip to Columbus isView full post »

Rock Pink Partay.

Another bday has passed for Ali and we continue to celebrate her legacy. She would have been 33 this year, strange really. A couple hundred of us had a fun family picnic at the park. Raffles and auctions brought in money to cover the event andView full post »

Norris Lake 2013.

Disclaimer: This post may waste your entire lunch break. We’ve being going to Norris Lake for more than 20 years as a family, always mooching off my Uncle Rodger and Aunt Lisa by staying at one of their various lake houses over the years.View full post »

Welcome Home.

I wrote a post draft here a couple weeks ago. Didn’t publish because I’ve had clients stuff to post. After re-reading it just now, I realized it really should just be posted on the Rock pink site because it has more to do with Ali thanView full post »