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HBD Nico!

His year in pictures… And finally, he is 1! He’s obsessed with climbing on top of tables and stools. He’s always quick to look at me with this, “mom did you see what I just did, aren’t you proud?” grin. Then heView full post »

Halloween 2012.

First up, a little tribute to Auntie Ali: Cotton candy. It wasn’t hard to make at all. I found a white chicken costume (from once upon a child for a few bucks) because I wanted a full white base. I used spray adhesive and pillow stuffing toView full post »

nico, nori & nolan!

So I’ve had two sessions this week postponed. Since my babysitter decided college and her future are more important than my children, I’m embracing the extra time in office with my children pulling on my skirt demanding my attention. IView full post »

the paces.

hello there, one week old Nolan! i’m not joking when i say, we were laughing because eric’s feet smelled so bad i had to walk out of the room. need a sleepy two year old boy to enjoy getting his pic taken? m&m’s. love it. whatView full post »

she did it!

so i’m a little late on this too. RACHEL GRADUATED!!!! if you have lived under a rock the last couple years than you might not know who this is or why it’s such a big deal that she graduated high school. i encourage you to go into theView full post »

HHI: the whole shebang.

better late than never? i know, we’ve been home for over a month! You obviously saw we shot two weddings in HHI last month. it started out being a business trip for adam and i, bringing along a babysitter to take care of the kids bothView full post »

the adairs.

 i got to squeeze on oliver for a bit the other day and it was just delightful! laura’s dad made this little 2012 time capsule for them. It’s filled with stuff from friends and family for him to open when he is 18. super thoughtful. iView full post »

happy mother’s day!

i guess it’s become a tradition to dress all the grandkids up alike and take a photo for nonni. after all, she’s the crazy one who literally will drive to 5 stores til she has all the correct sizes to make it happen. it’s worth itView full post »