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The Jacksons.

Henry has a little sister!! Man, I hope Josie grows to be as pretty as mama! This was my first time in their new house so I wanted to get all the views! 🙂 So much hair! Not a bad thing for a hair stylist to birth! 😉 Took the bigger monkey upView full post »

The Wieses.

Loooooook at this darling face!! It’s no surprise that sweet Mabel is as beautiful as her mother! Can you even stand it? Ruffle butt! Ruffle sleeves! She couldn’t stop looking at me. She was excited to see a new face! 😀 IView full post »

The Newberrys.

We spent our spring break in Texas seeing some family and most importantly, meeting little Jasper! Already 7 months! Those beautiful faces! Mom’s lips left a mark! 😉 Buzz and Rebecca have the cutest house. You can’t tell here butView full post »

The Kesslers.

Betsy and Jake thought it would be a fun time to give Charlie a sibling for his first birthday! :0 A surprise of a little sister named Grace! I’m not actually sure Charlie understands theres another baby in the house besides him. Poor thingView full post »

The Brauntzes.

It’s already been a whole year since this sweet face and her brother came into this world! Her adorableness has been brightening the moods of all those around her! Literally, a doll sitting there. She has an open mouth smile, but this isView full post »

The Hammergrens.

The day after Ella was born, I went to the hospital to document the hilarity that was two brothers meeting their baby sister. Or should I say, Daddy, forcing them to get near her, much less touch her. She had some struggles with her bilirubinView full post »

The Millers.

A couple April’s ago, Erica asked me to shoot their son’s newborn images. It was a special session because the week prior they had no idea they were about to be parents!! This years text was very similar to the last as they wereView full post »

The Spangenbergs.

This little sweetie, Sameer, came a few weeks early! With early babes comes sleepiness…and that, I am not mad about! Sam was the first sleepy baby I’ve had in long while that couldn’t have cared any less when I moved him! SoView full post »