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The Eglis.

You guysssss. Talk about a joyful baby! Leo was all dimples and tiny teeth and tongue! Lots of tongue, actually. Hahaha. Also, lets recognize these beautiful parents! That tongue! I couldn’t stop laughing at him! I love it!! HeView full post »

The Nugents.

Five years ago when we shot Emily and Mike’s  destination wedding, I couldn’t help but imagine the beautiful children they’d have one day. I was so happy when Em asked me to shoot their sweet Nicollete Mary. Sure enough, she wasView full post »

The Denos.

Sloane is here! Sloane is here! Ok, actually she’s been here a few months but with the crazy of the holidays, I just got to meet her! :0  Mini Craig was worth the wait!! I’m not the only one saying that either! It was a long road forView full post »

The Farnhams.

I got a text on the way that Gwen was needing an emergency bath after making a mess. :0 When I walked in I heard all sorts of squeals coming from upstairs, meaning some little lady’s belly felt much better! She heard my voice as I was comingView full post »

The Amann-Nunerys.

A sweet little newborn entered our family just after Thanksgiving, hours away from sharing Nico’s bday! Little cutie is Nash Nunery! Right off the bat he showed me his best side because, obviously, I’m his new favorite person. FrogView full post »

The Erharts.

I arrived early and Jenna and Kevin were still getting ready, so I happily offered to change Riley’s clothes for them. Well, once I got to her diaper I was like, ummmmm this needs to be captured, STAT. Like, these buttered rolls areView full post »

The Priores.

Ohhhmygooodnesss. Little Eddie in the hizzouse looking scrumptious as ever. When I was setting up my lenses, Nikki just laid him on the bed casually and I couldn’t stand to move him! I never get open palm shots of newborns becauseView full post »

The Kneflins.

The look Brody is giving me, I’m pretty certain that he just realized he’s surrounding by some very independent women. He’s all, help a brotha out! Caroline couldn’t keep her hands off him. 🙂 Those eyebrows neverView full post »