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The Reids.

I mean, a smiling baby is adorable, BUT LOOK AT THIS LIP. Ok, ya, this is pretty darn perfect too! I walked into their house and Brittany had a room for of props staring at me. HAHA! She’s been looking forward to having a little girl toView full post »

The Ryans.

Johnny’s entrance in the world almost made their friend’s wedding night a story they’ll never forget! Jessica must have been getting a little too low on that dance floor and her water broke just after getting home that night!View full post »

The Tolzmanns.

This was a wild session, no doubt, with that one grinning in the center. I tell all my clients with multiple kids during a newborn session: You need to take all your desires for this session and throw them out the window. With each additional wildView full post »

The Smiths.

And Sadie makes 4 for the Smith family! Her eyes were so big and expressive, I just kept laughing at her as they’d often drift inward. I’m just trying to get ma beauty sleep, get outta here, lady! Parker is the adorable big sisView full post »

The Eglis.

You guysssss. Talk about a joyful baby! Leo was all dimples and tiny teeth and tongue! Lots of tongue, actually. Hahaha. Also, lets recognize these beautiful parents! That tongue! I couldn’t stop laughing at him! I love it!! HeView full post »

The Nugents.

Five years ago when we shot Emily and Mike’s  destination wedding, I couldn’t help but imagine the beautiful children they’d have one day. I was so happy when Em asked me to shoot their sweet Nicollete Mary. Sure enough, she wasView full post »

The Denos.

Sloane is here! Sloane is here! Ok, actually she’s been here a few months but with the crazy of the holidays, I just got to meet her! :0  Mini Craig was worth the wait!! I’m not the only one saying that either! It was a long road forView full post »

The Farnhams.

I got a text on the way that Gwen was needing an emergency bath after making a mess. :0 When I walked in I heard all sorts of squeals coming from upstairs, meaning some little lady’s belly felt much better! She heard my voice as I was comingView full post »