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The Freys.

Pretty exciting for Ethan, as a one year old, to get a baby brother to play with! The next couple years may be a little crazy but soon enough they’ll be trusted to play alone together! Probably. Maybe.🤣 Ethan is superView full post »

The Billings.

Little baby smirks! I don’t think Rashee fully understands yet how this little girl is going to rule his world. 🙂 Born the week before Christmas, it seemed fitting to put her under the tree. 🙂 That tiny little tush! She’s soView full post »

The Cheathams.

Who doesn’t love a naked baby in a Christmas hat in front of twinkle lights? Crew turned 4wks old so we celebrated in their beautiful home with all their fun Christmas decor. The canvas is one of our shots from their wedding on which theyView full post »

The Conklins.

Someone got his Christmas present earlllly! Not sure how excited Daniel was that the baby was an Olivia, but he sure is sweet with her! Christmas dresses! <3 She was only a couple weeks when I shot, so the fact I caught an awake smile wasView full post »

The Gaffeys.

Joseph and Patrick have a new baby sister!! Maggie was a little unsure what was happening at all times and I just feel like I need to say, “Get used to that, baby girl. Nori never understands what the heck her brothers are doingView full post »

The Kerbers.

This cutie patootie was born a few weeks ago but with his head of hair, looks like he’s 6mths! Ben was quite the character. I love a kid who can attach themselves to me quickly so I don’t have to work for their laughter. We justView full post »

The Currys.

I’m going to start with one of my favs of this model worthy family. Carrie somehow manages to  keep a very clean, very white house, stain free with a few kids! Impressive, to say the least.   Meanwhile Violet is all,View full post »


Happy birthday, baby girl! More coming soon! Heart, Melanie.View full post »