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The Jeans.

These red lips, the lean into his new baby sister and that sweet little grin! Lewis! You’re killing me! “Hmmm, lemme fink. Should I scream?” “Nah. I’ll smile for dis nice lady!” Just in case Mommy wanted toView full post »

The Brookses.

This little guy! How sweet is his smile! He was so torn between looking at me, the new person, or mommy. Back and forth, over an over. Happy boy! Weeeeee! Holy hot mama! The woman’s brain is truly fascinating, isn’t it? Like allView full post »

The Myers.

Mark is living the dream, now with two boys to torture raise in whatever ways he feels fit. If you know Mark, then you really can’t be sure what he will have them doing next, often including banging on drums. Katie, God be with you. YouView full post »

The Roses.

Oh, you know, just chilaxin with my new baby bro! They’ll be scheming together before you know it! Wild hair for a wild girl. Suns out, guns out! I feel like I did a decent job of capturing Analia’s personality. She was either calmView full post »

The Wagenlanders.

Isla became a big sister to baby vera! I love this image. So much unspoken communication and love happening between Ellen and both her girls. Matty was doing a great job entertaining Isla while Ellen soothed/fed the babe! I took this exact shotView full post »

The Meades.

Everett is nearly 2 months old! Little buddy acted better than a one weeker, so calm and sleepy the whole time! Their house is so stinkin cute, I just wanted to capture all of it for them! He opened his eyes long enough to chug it down someView full post »

The Jacksons.

Henry has a little sister!! Man, I hope Josie grows to be as pretty as mama! This was my first time in their new house so I wanted to get all the views! 🙂 So much hair! Not a bad thing for a hair stylist to birth! 😉 Took the bigger monkey upView full post »

The Wieses.

Loooooook at this darling face!! It’s no surprise that sweet Mabel is as beautiful as her mother! Can you even stand it? Ruffle butt! Ruffle sleeves! She couldn’t stop looking at me. She was excited to see a new face! 😀 IView full post »