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The Hines.

So many baby hands and toes! I LOVE THIS. Sweet little boys wanted to make their appearance entirely too early! Molly was admitted at 24.5wks with contractions and thankfully held them in for a month on hospital bedrest. Then the stinkers spentView full post »

The Fischessers.

Look at this big guy, so strong. He kept trying to hold his head up and flinging it around! BABYYY! You’re only a week old! LOVE me some naked frog babies! Doing baby crunches to get to the milks! Hurry ma! I took this same shot withView full post »

The Brauntzes.

I like to step back and capture reality when I have the opportunity. Their mundane may seem so normal to viewers, but it’s much different than most first time parents. Not only are the venturing through the waters of learning so much at onceView full post »

The Freys.

I feel like this session has been in the making forever as it took quite a lot to get baby Ethan here. Three cheers for a healthy baby in arms! Baby booty, dimple shadows and frog belly. Gimme dat baby! <3 Oh hi, matching profiles… SoView full post »

The Reids.

I mean, a smiling baby is adorable, BUT LOOK AT THIS LIP. Ok, ya, this is pretty darn perfect too! I walked into their house and Brittany had a room for of props staring at me. HAHA! She’s been looking forward to having a little girl toView full post »

The Ryans.

Johnny’s entrance in the world almost made their friend’s wedding night a story they’ll never forget! Jessica must have been getting a little too low on that dance floor and her water broke just after getting home that night!View full post »

The Tolzmanns.

This was a wild session, no doubt, with that one grinning in the center. I tell all my clients with multiple kids during a newborn session: You need to take all your desires for this session and throw them out the window. With each additional wildView full post »

The Smiths.

And Sadie makes 4 for the Smith family! Her eyes were so big and expressive, I just kept laughing at her as they’d often drift inward. I’m just trying to get ma beauty sleep, get outta here, lady! Parker is the adorable big sisView full post »