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The Millers.

A couple April’s ago, Erica asked me to shoot their son’s newborn images. It was a special session because the week prior they had no idea they were about to be parents!! This years text was very similar to the last as they wereView full post »

The Spangenbergs.

This little sweetie, Sameer, came a few weeks early! With early babes comes sleepiness…and that, I am not mad about! Sam was the first sleepy baby I’ve had in long while that couldn’t have cared any less when I moved him! SoView full post »

The Augs.

The world got a little sweeter last week! Another boy for Brittany and Jeff! Hello, George Jeffrey! Brady has been coached by his pain in the butt father to not like pictures. I was a bit anxious going in that he would do his infamous sporadicView full post »

The Denos.

Christmas came a little early for the Denos, well thankfully, because I’m quite certain Laura wasn’t having it carrying so overdue into December!:0 Hello there, Charlotte Grace! Big sister Sloane is barely 1! Funny how that works outView full post »

The Brauntzes.

So as I pulled up to David and Rotha’s house, they have this empty lot next-door. The light glistened on the wheat grass so brilliantly that I knew I had to convince them to bare the cold. Thankfully they did because YES. STOP IT WITH THATView full post »

The Sullivans.

I’m just going to go ahead and say it. “I was right. I knew it.” I said it multiple times while shooting their wedding that they are going to have THE cutest kids and to hurry up about it! And here Finn is with no wasted timeView full post »

The Murphys.

So 4 babies in 4 yrs, that’s how Kerry and Colin roll. They cray. Every summer I see her at Ali’s fundraiser and shes pregs, then every Fall I shoot their newborns. It’s hysterical. Well, to me. :0 It’s funny how much theView full post »

The Kesslers.

Betsy’s mom and sister gifted her a newborn portrait session with me while she was pregs. After house building delays and weather, it soon became a 6mth session and included everyone! Good for Grandma’s soul to have such sweet photosView full post »