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Halloween 2016.

The Pace Circus! So it’s been an obvious costume since I started calling us the Pace Circus the day I delivered the twins. Last year we did Alice in Wonderland because the babies were chubby and bald and it was perfect. But I’ve beenView full post »

Halloween 2015.

Alice In Wonderland! So fun! I knew this costume before last years Halloween even happened. Twin boys would make perfect Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum! Because I neeeed to use my hands creatively as often as possible, I knew I’d be making myView full post »

Halloween 2014.

And on that farm he had a… Mama cow. E -I- E- I- O. But seriously, a cow was about my only option this year. And it’s mad comfortable and warm, soooo winning! Adam didn’t have a choice, he was obviously going to be theView full post »

Halloween 2013.

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, Mysterious and spooky, They’re all together ooky…It’s Adam’s family! Snap snap.  Ever since Adam wanted to name unborn Nori, “Wednesday”, we joked around aboutView full post »

Halloween 2012.

First up, a little tribute to Auntie Ali: Cotton candy. It wasn’t hard to make at all. I found a white chicken costume (from once upon a child for a few bucks) because I wanted a full white base. I used spray adhesive and pillow stuffing toView full post »

halloween 2011.

we had a busy weekend. we celebrated halloween all weekend. by the time trick or treating came, i barely had enough strength to sit on the porch, eat dinner and watch nonni and brian handout candy to MY neighbors! lol. it was fun. sad it’sView full post »

halloween TwentyTen

adam dressed up as one of the men on America’s Most Wanted list. creep. just kidding he was… steve prefontaine. ya, i didn’t know who he was either. but since adam is into running and olympics, he knew all about him. pretty goodView full post »