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The Pace Circus on the Beach!

These two monkeys! They’re 2.5 and 1 part cute and 1 part rotten. I asked them to stand close and to put their arms around each other. Somehow that translated to Ari to hold his brother face, maybe even his ear? Hams, I tellView full post »

The Hines.

So many baby hands and toes! I LOVE THIS. Sweet little boys wanted to make their appearance entirely too early! Molly was admitted at 24.5wks with contractions and thankfully held them in for a month on hospital bedrest. Then the stinkers spentView full post »

The Kipps.

When Rachel and Chase decided they were having a beach wedding, Carly and I constantly were chatting details and planning. It didn’t take long to decide she was just going to come and be the hair stylist and help me with whatever elseView full post »

Halloween 2016.

The Pace Circus! So it’s been an obvious costume since I started calling us the Pace Circus the day I delivered the twins. Last year we did Alice in Wonderland because the babies were chubby and bald and it was perfect. But I’ve beenView full post »

Merry Christmas 2016!

Merry Christmas to all my social media friends! (Back) (Front.) Doing projects is always overwhelming while we are doing it and I hardly ever try to remember to take progress work. Afterwards I always regret it because I know the non artist blogView full post »

Where The Polka Dots Roam.

I left to work and told Adam as I was walking out the door, “Please make sure you put everyone’s new sheets on the beds because when I get home, I need to shoot us all on them.” So I walk in the door a couple hours later and hearView full post »

The Malenfants.

Mama and her three boys. I remember these sweet and quiet moments 16mths ago with my same set up. I’ll pray for your future, my friend, I’ll pray for you. 😉 Kyle and Connor were a week old! The boys were both around 7lbs at birth! IView full post »

A&E 1st Birthday Party.

People have always dropped into our house over the years on New Years Day. This year we had a special reason to celebrate! My party planning started exactly 48hrs prior and decorating consisted of some crepe paper, some balloons taped to the wallView full post »