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The Niehauses.

When I woke up on Sunday, the fog was so thick I couldn’t see my neighbors houses even two doors away. It lifted a little but still kept thick enough that I had to drive with caution to the park. I was pretty excited about it as it would addView full post »

Sadie & Rashee.

I find myself in this weird space in time right now. I’m getting older but still feel the same age as I once was coaching my girls year round for yearsss. And now here THEY ARE older than I was then and getting maaaarrrrrieed. My brain isView full post »

The Millers.

A couple April’s ago, Erica asked me to shoot their son’s newborn images. It was a special session because the week prior they had no idea they were about to be parents!! This years text was very similar to the last as they wereView full post »

The Spangenbergs.

This little sweetie, Sameer, came a few weeks early! With early babes comes sleepiness…and that, I am not mad about! Sam was the first sleepy baby I’ve had in long while that couldn’t have cared any less when I moved him! SoView full post »

The Augs.

The world got a little sweeter last week! Another boy for Brittany and Jeff! Hello, George Jeffrey! Brady has been coached by his pain in the butt father to not like pictures. I was a bit anxious going in that he would do his infamous sporadicView full post »

The Grays.

While I’ve photographed all of these beautiful people at some point through one of Chris and Luci’s life events, I’ve never actually shot they individual families! And since their wedding, I haven’t done a group shot, notView full post »

The Koches.

Not very often do I have family sessions without any little kids! On Christmas, these big kids gave mom a surprise of a session the very next day! it had snowed just enough to add a nice winter touch to make it worth the freezing outside inView full post »

The Denos.

Christmas came a little early for the Denos, well thankfully, because I’m quite certain Laura wasn’t having it carrying so overdue into December!:0 Hello there, Charlotte Grace! Big sister Sloane is barely 1! Funny how that works outView full post »