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The Lyons.

Nora and Diegan tried to play off like they were sibling enemies, but you could easily tell that they were far from being too cool for each other as they giggled the entire time they were all, “Eww get away! Don’t touchView full post »


I started out at the Heierts for a couple yearly family pics! Seeing this family laugh together, never gets old. ::heart eyes:: I don’t think they could be anymore beautiful!! Ashtyn and I headed to town because now she’s aView full post »

The Brincks.

These Brinck boys are getting more handsome and more gigglier by the minute. Also, Maggie and Tony! You’ve reached it! The “magic year” I always refer to when I say, “I promise it’ll be easier one day!” Look atView full post »

The Donovans.

These pretty faces. They all complain of the torture of these sessions but yet they just keep coming back for more. 🙂 I mean, I’m not   mad about a reason to see you cute Donovans!! Jess always wanted a baby girl, maybe not just soView full post »

The Zinks.

Jenny and I started as social media friends yeeeears ago. Then when I’d work in Columbus, we would try in sneak in breakfast visits! Eventually I was on my way to shoot the birth of a baby Jenny never thought she would have! Said baby is nowView full post »

The Loechtenfeldts.

This family, y’all. You don’t even know. I barely know them and already feel a closeness and special place in my heart for them. Shooting that evening was magical and healing for my spirit. Also it seems like I have so many mutualView full post »

The Tibbs.

Well lets just go ahead and dig right in with the adorableness that is Isla. Sally and Nick have been sweethearts forever! I’m hoping next time I see the Tibbs gang it’ll be for ahemmmmtheirwedding. I couldn’t let the prettyView full post »

The Niehauses.

Grand triplets! Ava and Ollie on the right are twins but they are just a couple weeks apart from Eddie! Eddie P in the hizzzouse. Uncle Pat is a funny guy. We just handed the babies off to him when they got grumpy and he found theirView full post »