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The Brauntzes.

So as I pulled up to David and Rotha’s house, they have this empty lot next-door. The light glistened on the wheat grass so brilliantly that I knew I had to convince them to bare the cold. Thankfully they did because YES. STOP IT WITH THATView full post »

The Sullivans.

I’m just going to go ahead and say it. “I was right. I knew it.” I said it multiple times while shooting their wedding that they are going to have THE cutest kids and to hurry up about it! And here Finn is with no wasted timeView full post »

The Frondorfs.

I spent some time with the adorable Frondorf family, after school while the sun was dropping perfectly! Gorgeoussss! They’re both big dancers and performers, clearly. They found a stage, hopped right up and started doing that thing theyView full post »

The Murphys.

So 4 babies in 4 yrs, that’s how Kerry and Colin roll. They cray. Every summer I see her at Ali’s fundraiser and shes pregs, then every Fall I shoot their newborns. It’s hysterical. Well, to me. :0 It’s funny how much theView full post »

The Fromms.

Just from this year to last, the Fromms session was so different. Brooks was still silly but cooperative and Livy was so easy! Treasured moments! Brooks stealing mama’s heart! I said to Brooks, “Just look right at me.” He wasView full post »

The Kiefers.

Over the years, Brandon and Katie have taken me all sorts of places! This year they found a tree farm to start! These girls are all giggles, all the time! Brandon’s brother and nephew liked the old truck on property to use as a prop! TheView full post »

The Frimmings.

The twinbots are two! Well, in a few days! Can you guys believe you’ve been at this parenting thing for 2 yrs!! Goofy girls! The sun was out in the beginning and the kids were happy as can be! It wasn’t so terrible but then it wentView full post »

The Murphys.

Happy first bday to Emerson!! This day was a little chilly but mostly very windy and she thought the breeze was hysterical. Standing was difficult in those shoes so her OUR reaction…was very exciting when she did it. LoveView full post »