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The Vanderstelts.

Hayden is getting more and more handsome. It’s so easy to see him as a teenager now. Eek! The progression of Beckham’s mood over 1min. I told him we weren’t moving till he smiled. HAHAH. I win! That lean onto mom. HEARTView full post »

The Redmonds.

Three sisters. <3 I coached Kelsey (right) yrs ago and because she was the youngest, her sisters never came to games. I really never knew they existed till this day! Ha! The Redmonds wanted updated family photos, but it was really just thisView full post »

The Goetzes.

It had rained all day and became hot and muggy but they were in from Michigan and gosh darnit, we were doing it. And! It was successful with minimal tears! Winning! Desi seemed to be just what these Goetz sibs were missing. She’sView full post »

The Meades.

Everett is nearly 2 months old! Little buddy acted better than a one weeker, so calm and sleepy the whole time! Their house is so stinkin cute, I just wanted to capture all of it for them! He opened his eyes long enough to chug it down someView full post »

The Darrahs.

Does it ever get old, me using the phrase…these kids are the cutest? Cause they are. Stop it with this faaaace!! Pause for snugs! Jack lit up when Nathan wanted to play with him. He felt supa cool! Jack toppled over and when we laughedView full post »

The Conroys.

Love Love Love! Lookin’ good Conroys! It’s nice when I shoot extended families that I’ve known half my life because there’s no awkwardness. We can just get right to it! Love that. So many girls, but thats all Julie knows,View full post »

The Days.

The most pretty and delicious butterball turned 1! I’m utterly infatuated with sweet Lillian. Let us note: It was misting or pouring down rain 90% of this session. They came to town for this and dag-nammit, we were going to make it work!View full post »

The Broghamers.

When you tell a one year old to smell the flowers and they choose to lick them instead. Bahaha. Anna was telling us a very dramatic story. Kristi’s sister and her son came along and hopped in some. Oh, by the way. Anna and Kristi areView full post »