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Megan & Christian.

Let’s talk about how this was such a perfect night! These two were so relaxed and fun plus the “60%” rain, yeah, that never happened! They came from over  2hrs away and we had to make the call early in the day because of herView full post »

Haley & Tyler.

It was storming at the time we were supposed to start this day. As I was watching the radar on my porch deciding whether or not to leave, I about jumped out of my skin when a crack of lightning struck right near our house. Needless to say, IView full post »

Kelsey & William.

A ridiculous story needs to be told before viewing the images because I’m transparent and you can have a good laugh in my direction. First of all, William proposed about 15ft away from where this first image was shot and they thought itView full post »

Rachey & Chasey Engaged!!

Rachel and Chase have been very close friends all through nursing school. Early last summer, Chase started hanging out with my family a lot. Like, what college boy hangs out with four wild kids, that he’s not related to, on a Saturday nightView full post »

Erin & Kyle.

Fresh college grads, ready to embark on their lives together as man and wife next spring! How exciting! Better be careful, Kyle. I feel like you may break her in half if you squeeze even a little! Supa hot. I’ve shot Erin before, so itView full post »

Amanda & John.

On the original day we were supposed to shoot, we were having a crazy wind storm and it was gloomy and freezing. It was a bummer because everything was bloomed and that was their goal for the session! Thankfully the second try it was beautifulView full post »

Joseph & Patrick.

Joseph contacted me saying he was having a Thursday afternoon wedding and that he just wanted some good shots before he got married. They didn’t want to document their day with their cellphones and I applaud them for that! I showed up to twoView full post »

Brittany & Jay.

This brave, brave couple. With my processing, it may look like it was a beautiful evening, but I assure you, it was nothing resembling beautiful outside. They came in from out of town for this and with my over slammed life, I couldn’t getView full post »