Monthly Archives: September 2010

olivia: 1 week.

this girl LOVES to be swaddled. some babies, certainly not ALL babies, are cute when they cry. thankfully she is one of them:) a little cuddle time with daddy. she just got done peeing, pooping AND puking on her changing pad. 🙂 she looks soView full post »

supporting rachel.

this was this weeks “tuesday with rachel”. she wasn’t supposed to still be in the hospital. she was SUPPOSED to receive chemo fri-sun and go home by monday. well as most of us know by now, her body does it’s own thing. inView full post »

a shaving party!

though rachel has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer for over a month, she didn’t realize that she hadn’t fully accepted it yet. about two weeks after her first chemo treatment, it hit her like a big bag of bricks. sheView full post »

baby Olivia is here!

on friday september 3, my sister ali, and her husband ben, introduced their first child into the world! Baby olivia grace didn’t fall far from the tree according to our mom, because ali’s birth story was quite similar toView full post »