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Guuuurl, you so pretty. Right around this time we were listening to one of the other 12 photogs at the park (not exaggerating, I counted) talk to his subjects. It was quite amusing, no actually, it was creepy. I don’t want to grow up andView full post »

jes & jason.

Jes and Jason met us in a parking lot so they could hop in the Mothership and drive around like we usually do for sessions. Amongst their clothes, she had a cutely wrapped box stuffed with all sorts of Japanese candy in it for me. 🙂  They areView full post »

mr. & mrs. lord!

This wedding rocked. I loved everything about it. Especially the ridic good looking bride and groom. Drew’s mom is an amazing seamstress who added the cap sleeves and made this dress fit Kelly perfectly. Literally sewed her in at the end!View full post »

the johnsons.

I plan my sessions around the sun’s schedule because it’s a pain in the butt to have to fight with the light during a session. So when the light should be ideal annnnd it’s dark and gloomy, I’m totally bummed. Thankfully IView full post »

The Smiths & lil bit o’ McCoys!

I had the pleasure of meeting this cute little guy last weekend. His mommy and her sisters have been life long friends of mine. Hello Abram!I feel like more of my newborn sessions than not, the baby is awake the whole time. Bright eyed newbornsView full post »

Mr. & Mrs. Scott!

By the ceremony I think we all were wearing Katie’s perfume. 🙂 Little bit of pre partyin’! These two were always laughing. I’m pretty sure Tyler doesn’t have a serious bone in his body. What a good looking bunch ofView full post »

Europe Trip: Mykonos & Oylmpia/Katakolon

I think Mykonos was our favorite (besides Burano) and I’m not really sure if I can articulate why. It seemed like it had the best features of each place: All white, but still a lot of color. No steps, but fun alleys. It felt new and veryView full post »

Europe Trip: Santorini.

Whenever I think of Greece I think of white houses with round blue tops. It’s the place Adam had been trying to convince me to go to for yeeeears. Ask our travel agent, I think she priced out the trip 3 different years before we actuallyView full post »