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Halloween 2012.

First up, a little tribute to Auntie Ali: Cotton candy. It wasn’t hard to make at all. I found a white chicken costume (from once upon a child for a few bucks) because I wanted a full white base. I used spray adhesive and pillow stuffing toView full post »

ben & olivia.

Miss Olivia just turned two in September! Just like all 2 year olds, she made me work hard. The two of us headed downtown to meet up with Ben for some family shots. We are starting to see a lot of her Mommy in her eyes. :*) Oh,View full post »

the richs.

We started the session with a little “blue steel.” This is baby Millicent. Millie Mae, is the fresh baby girl Martha and Tom had a few weeks ago. Beautiful girls. Baby violinist! Side note. When we had Nori 3 yrs ago, I thought allView full post »

the bunker kids + some.

A family of 5 with three little girls and the middle child being named, Ali. This sounds so familiar? Olivia is just over one and her little wobble walk is precious. Ann’s brother and family came with the hopes of getting a good group shotView full post »

the coons.

Stephanie is a friend of a friend who then became my friend, years ago. 🙂 Her kids are pretty much the same ages as mine, so we can relate when it comes to omgmychildisdrivingmeCRAZY! They are such an adorable family, as you will see below. If myView full post »

Mr. & Mrs. Beck!

Jen’s brother recently received a Purple Heart while serving and just returned home since January. Devin and the guys chilaxing. There was a line of brides I had to shove out of the way waiting to use the bridge. Eden Park is a popularView full post »


I’m so excited to share these images. Erin is the baby in Rachel’s family. Not so baby anymore, huh!!? So my favorite part about this is that Erin didn’t really want senior pics at all. She’s shy and wasn’t fond ofView full post »


The tricky thing about shooting seniors is that they are often dealing with a lot in their personal lives. Especially girls. Teenage years are hard and like me, most of us hated those years. Your body is changing. You feel like you  have nothingView full post »