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Margaret Grace.

Fresh baby toes. Too see more, click the image. Heart, Melanie.View full post »

The Klares.

My favorite family that isn’t really my family but feels like they should be my family so I call them my family anyway. You know them. The Klares and Loft3 go way back. I blog about them so much they even have their very own category! AView full post »

The Cornettes.

You know those people that your friendship starts online and you feel like you know each other in real life, but you don’t? And we you meet them in person finally, you are so comfortable that you are SURE you’ve met before?View full post »

Welcome Home.

I wrote a post draft here a couple weeks ago. Didn’t publish because I’ve had clients stuff to post. After re-reading it just now, I realized it really should just be posted on the Rock pink site because it has more to do with Ali thanView full post »

The Schwarz’s.

Just go ahead and make yourself comfortable, Reece. I was playing peek-a-boo with Reece. She decided she was going to play with Jaiden and Morgan’s faces instead of hers. 🙂 🙂 Could you two be more beautiful?? I love your love. Brenda,View full post »


I love the reaction I get when I show clients the back of the camera. It’s like they are utterly shocked how good they look. After a few frames shared, confidence levels triple, my job becomes easy. Remember, the prettier you feel, theView full post »


 To see Liam’s birth, click the image. Heart, Melanie.View full post »

The Polands.

Callan is hilarious and also a little bit crazy. 😉 All boy. He’s the first kid I’ve ever photographed that would just take off the second Perrie wasn’t holding him. Like for reals, SPRINT away as fast as he could. I wasView full post »