Monthly Archives: July 2013

Team Klems.

The last two years, BK5 has lucked out on having a great location to do their family session. Last year was on the beach, this year was at Norris Lake.  Win for them having a photog for a sister! Ella just turned SIX! She’s a school agerView full post »

The Vanderstelts.

I met this family exactly one year prior to this session while shooting the VERY quick arrival of Beckham! As I mentioned in the end of that birth story, they up and moved their fresh family of four all the way to GENEVA! WHAT?? I had a millionView full post »

The Berkemeiers.

I met Brent and Emily through mutual friends during a bible study/prayer group. Then we were all sans offspring. So it was fun to see them again, now with THREE chillens. And let me tell ya, they’re oozing cuteness. Little twin blondies.View full post »

The Kiefers.

Sweet baby Kylie just slept the session away. 🙂 Lila NEEEEEDED her toes painted. Right then. Like, if Katie didn’t put down the baby and paint her toes, then Lila might have combusted. I’m not used to such energized lil girls.View full post »


I met this gorgeous gal around 10 yrs ago. To place her face, you’ve seen her here. She photographed beautifully which is exactly what I expected! Your brown hair accentuates that (very random blue shutter in the alley) justView full post »