Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Gaffeys.

Patrick just turned one! I think one year family sessions are my favorite these days. Mary, tell me again why you were so worried about being in photographs?? You look beautiful!! Clearly, DJ agrees by that sweet look he’s giving you.View full post »

The Smiths.

Abe just turned one on Monday! HBD buddy! His smile is so sweet. He actually has teeth in there! How gorgeous is this light? When excited, his whole body shows it. 🙂 Love love love this. The happiness. The curiosity of Abe. The light!View full post »

Rock Pink Partay.

Another bday has passed for Ali and we continue to celebrate her legacy. She would have been 33 this year, strange really. A couple hundred of us had a fun family picnic at the park. Raffles and auctions brought in money to cover the event andView full post »


To see Levi’s birth story, click the image. Heart, Melanie.View full post »

The Koesters.

I met Emily when we were 13 (the pretty blonde in the blue dress) in art class. Our friendship stregnthened through HS but we lost contact in college. (Lame)  Recently, I’ve had the pleasure to rekindle and get to know the rest of the gangView full post »

Norris Lake 2013.

Disclaimer: This post may waste your entire lunch break. We’ve being going to Norris Lake for more than 20 years as a family, always mooching off my Uncle Rodger and Aunt Lisa by staying at one of their various lake houses over the years.View full post »