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Mr. & Mrs. Hine!

Guuuurl! Those eyes!! WOOOOW. First look was super sweet. This truly is the only moment on a wedding day where everyone is out of the B&G’s face and it’s just the two of them and they can fughetabout all the stress leading up toView full post »


And then I turned 30. And it was super fun. I’ve always wanted to be older than I am. (I just deleted 3 large paragraphs about my struggle with growing up and not fitting in. It sounded way too “woe is me” and I didn’t likeView full post »

The Murphys.

Kerry is part of Ali’s slew of XU friends. We’ve come to know all those girls over the years and love them all dearly! Kerry and Colin just celebrated the birth of their TEN POUNDER Emmett. Big adorable boy! They live in this amazingView full post »

Gina & Jake.

These two, they make me smile. 🙂 Gina came into our lives as one of Ali’s nurses up at UC in oncology. She quickly became our friends and has stayed that way the last couple years. I’m so thankful she walked into my life and intoView full post »


Seniors pictures these days are nothing like what they used to be. I don’t know, maybe in 15 years they’ll look back on theirs like we do and think they’re cheesy too. But it just seems like each session I do, I’m able toView full post »


I’ve only been waiting to do these senior photos for abooout 3 yrs now? Maddie’s mom, Amy, and I became friends when she helped me with a lot of the fundraising back when Rachel was sick. (If you know Rachel personally, click thatView full post »

The McIntyres.

Ages ago, I met Mac on the soccer field. We used to play 2-3 games a week together. He up and married Jes, the younger sister of Jen, who I played soccer with even farther back in the day. Before I knew it they had Brayden, shortly after Riley andView full post »

The Browns.

Wait a minute! Weren’t these kids just on here? Turns out Karianne was knocked up at the last session and now in a handful of weeks, another baby will be here! Whaaa? I know, right? Ainsley! 🙂 As I was taking the shot to the right, itView full post »