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Mr. & Mrs. Freese!

Lindsay and Shane had a gorgeous day for their wedding! Guuuuuurl. The wanted some city texture. Ummm ok! I haven’t done the shot on the right in ages, Lindsay instantly reminded me why I need to start doing it again! Gosh I love thoseView full post »


To see more from Gabriella’s birth, click HERE. Heart, Melanie.View full post »

Mr. & Mrs. Matthiesen!

When Kristen called me last year to book her wedding, she wanted to make sure we could  make her wedding look as light and airy as we had in her friend’s we’d shot. I told her, well, the thing is, it’s not up to me how the brideView full post »

Lake Manitou.

A couple weekends ago we drove late Friday night to meet some friends at their parents cottage in Lake Manitou, Indiana. I had never heard of the place and it proved to be quite wonderful! We woke up around 9 and spent the day on and off the lake.View full post »

Celebration of sweet Nora Rose.

Deep breath. Need to get so much out. I realized today as I was sobbing to my babysitter at how many things have become so clear over the last week that I needed to share. I’ve always walked a fine line on this blog with sharing too much ofView full post »


For the last few years I have been photographing condo developments for Leah’s dad. She recently celebrated her first communion but what’s special about it is that she’s wearing her mother’s wedding dress! Jenni wanted meView full post »

Shannon & Matt.

Shannon is a friend from high school who moved to the big city, then to San Fran and will soon reside again in NYC. (Lucky!) She’s made a name for herself and both her and her husband, Matt, are part of successful businesses. Last year sheView full post »

Mr. & Mrs. Aug!

I feel like we’ve been talking about this wedding for ages and now it’s already come and gone! I just knew the day would be perfect and it was more than that! It’s the veil. It’s always the veil that makes the brideView full post »