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The Schweitzers & Crowes.

A handful of months back I shot Maggie and Kyle with his side of the family. This session I got to be with her side, who I’ve known since I was early single digits. If you don’t recall this squishy, happy little baby, let me refreshView full post »

The Hawes.

This kid, Griffin, is the cutest. Every time, and I mean that, every time he showed me his dimples I exclaimed, “OHMYGOSH you’re so adorable! I can’t handle it!!” Griffin is two at the end of November and I seriouslyView full post »


Grace is the beautiful younger sister of our friend. I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with her at various events with our friends over the years. When she asked me to shoot her senior session, I was thrilled because I knew it would be soView full post »

The Speeds.

When Heather inquired to get on the books she was excited to share they’ve had a new little lady since the last session. And boy oh boy was that little sweetie ADORABLE, just like her sister. Ruby and Stella. Love those names! That Ruby! IView full post »

The Smiths and Wideners.

I say this alllll the time, but seriously, how has it already been a dang year since I shot the Smiths last? Abe is two as of yesterday and even more delectable than last time. That smile on the right. That’s 100% him right now. He was aView full post »

My future.

Well folks. Looks like this is my future. (Bahahahahahhaahahahahaaaaa) Dem babies in ma belly are BOYS!! (The swaddles are actually their real baby blankets! Special little bonus. ) My SIL suggested I should post a pic of the boys when I foundView full post »

Little Red Bird Studio: The NoJo.

Introducing…The NoJo! One of my closest friends has many, many talents and her latest passion is children’s wear! She’s been having a great time picking out fabrics and coming up with all sorts of patterns to make them eachView full post »

The Maxis.

This is a combination family post with the roots starting with the Maxis. The kids came together and surprised Joy with a session for her birthday. What a great idea! Joe and Amanda are freshly married! Congrats again, guys! Y’all know theView full post »