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Halloween 2014.

And on that farm he had a… Mama cow. E -I- E- I- O. But seriously, a cow was about my only option this year. And it’s mad comfortable and warm, soooo winning! Adam didn’t have a choice, he was obviously going to be theView full post »

The McAlisters.

Chrissy told me she had 4 boys and I was a little nervous about what I was showing up to that evening. Who knew the 4 boys would be so sweet and well behaved. My pregnant self thanks you boys very much. So handsome! It was so clear William andView full post »

The Mertzes.

I swear to you, it feels like yesterday the 3 of us were cracking up in the L&D room waiting for this little fireball to arrive. And here she is, ONE! How’s that posssssible? Not that I’m surprised because of Billy andView full post »

The Cornettes

Those sweet kiddies are back and as cute as ever. Heather and Jeff drove down from Columbus again for their yearly session. The kids were much happier to see me than the last two times so it went great! We couldn’t go anywhere without theView full post »

Anastasia & Alex.

Staci and Alex are both DAAP grads, now living out of the city. They came home for the session and wanted to start at their alma mater. Great idea, as I hadn’t even realized the building has changed to be even cooler than it was before. SoView full post »

The Murphys.

Kerry and Colin welcomed another baby, Julia. I feel like she’s only 6mths younger than Emmett, but that’s not true, I’m off by only a few months. 😉 I don’t typically do mini sessions for a number of reasons, but I made anView full post »

The Heierts.

The day of our last sessions it was forecasting rain. All day. I was so disappointed because we came all that way and rain would mess up the last day after everything had gone SO smooth the previous 9 days. GAH! Thankfully it was just superView full post »

The Horaks.

Michelle was sweet and picked us up for their morning session so Adam didn’t have to deal with foreign sign and nervous sweats drive again. We got back to their super cool house in the early morning hours and spent the day with them. OneView full post »