Monthly Archives: November 2014

The Fromms.

Baby brother arrived in the Fromm house and is sweet as can be. Oh Brooks, you’re lucky I don’t live with you because those rolls…nomnomnom. And just like that, an adorable family of 4! Sara, you’re beautiful. Liv didView full post »

The Hollingsworths & Johnsons.

You are not imagining it, you just saw these pretty faces over the summer. Now they’re back with Ginny’s family. These are some of my favorites of all the different families. 🙂 The matriarch of the family is the pretty gal inView full post »

The Jacksons.

Six years ago, we shot this lovely couple’s wedding. Jenny hung out in the art dept through college with us,  leaving a lasting friendship. Even if that’s mostly on social media, at least we can still keep up? She’s always beenView full post »

The Schneiders.

These kiddies belong in one family. Two are 4, two are 3 and then a 1 yr old. Surprisingly mom and dad didn’t have Einstein hair and dark bags under their eyes. I, however, went home feeling like I needed a nap. :-0 They’re all soView full post »

The Days.

Skinny little Pierson is 6mths and become quite a scrumptious butterball. Those blue eyes are captivating. Sweet little baby profiles. It was fun to watch Adam interact with P as a newborn, but now that they make each other laugh, it’sView full post »

The Honebrinks.

Ava gained a brand new little brother a couple weeks ago! His name is Alexander and he was a very good little boy for me! Everyone is very excited for him to be out of Mommy’s belly and home. 🙂 “He smells good.” 🙂 Actually Ava,View full post »

The Barnes.

Funny thing about fall is that some places can be an array of color while others are through with it and leaves are completely off trees. This tree is typically perfectly yellow at this time, but this year, the road was glistening with its leavesView full post »

Mr. & Mrs. Haley.

I’ll tell you what, this was a great way to end our year of 2014 weddings! If we could arrange for a fall beach wedding every year, I’d be thrilled. The timing of this wedding was perfection. We had my cousin’s wedding inView full post »