Monthly Archives: December 2014

Those yearly pics, or something like that.

A few weeks ago we made our yearly adventure to cut down my aunt’s Christmas tree. The weather happened to be quite nice and I was feeling ok enough to shoot. So we spent a solid 5-10 minutes getting a few yearly headshots and a few familyView full post »

Sleeper Hero for the Win!

First let me say, I raise terrible sleepers. We make choices that others don’t and likely many would blame it on me from the get go. However, once they are 2+, they finally understand sleeping enough to leave me alone at night. Nico finallyView full post »

A Few Days in Florida.

I’m finally done processing all the client work for the year! Whooopie! Now I have some time to do some personal posts. 🙂 In the end of Oct we went to Sarasota to shoot a wedding on Friday, then attended a wedding in Clearwater Saturday! WeView full post »