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The Kneflins.

Rain or shine we were having this session! After a bunch of rescheduling due to various things, it was pouring down rain the whole car ride to the Kneflins. We moved everything around inside and then the rain turned to drizzle and slowed to theView full post »


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Her first recital.

So many exciting parenthood moments have been happening around here. Seems like every few days, one of them makes us beam with pride by doing something new. I guess that’s what happens when you have like 23 kids. Always somethingView full post »

The Paces.

Itty bitty teeny tiny tootsies. For being only 6 days old, Charlee Christine was nice and alert! She’s a pretty little thing, isn’t she? So fun to have a girl with all this hair! You catch an adult blinking and they look silly, youView full post »


To see Charlee’s birth, click HERE. Congrats to Aunt E and Uncle Eric! Heart, MelanieView full post »


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