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Mr. & Mrs. Betsch!

I have to thank Jenny, the makeup artist, and the hairstylist for allowing me to turn off the room light and work with only natural light. The hair stylist especially had to work with little light, but look how much more amazing this shot isView full post »


To see more of Jacob, click HERE. Heart, Melanie.View full post »

Sleepy Babies. Sike! Just kidding, Mom!

For a long time, ok like every single time, they’re sleeping, I’ve wanted to take pictures of them. One baby sleeping is sweet, but TWO is just sweeter than sweet. How they’ve always gravitated to each other is perfection. So forView full post »


To see Audriana’s brith, click HERE. Heart, Melanie.View full post »

Katie & Mark.

In a matter of a couple months, I’ve shot Katie’s identical twin, Kelly, her older sister, Nikki and now Katie. Soon I get to shoot all three pretty gals together in their wedding! Mark was hesitant because he didn’t thinkView full post »

Megan & Karl.

Through an ironic twist of fate, we became available to shoot this sweet couple’s wedding. I’m glad it worked out because they are so giddy and photogenic! I’m happy to be a part of their wedding day! She was so damn cute in herView full post »

The Harveys.

The Harveys have been in my life over a decade and although they aren’t family, they sure treat me like it. Such sweet-hearted genuine people. We finally got them all together and shot the full family. 🙂 Viv and Silver Fox Gare looking asView full post »

Mr & Mrs Scharfenberger!

I wasn’t with the guys at all, but from the pics Adam took, I would have most definitely had my palm to my forehead shaking my head with very wide eyes. Thankfully they all made it in one piece to the ceremony. Geesh. Apparently theView full post »