Monthly Archives: August 2015

The Flicks.

We planned to shoot inside but we didn’t plan on the pouring rain and dark skies. I’m super over Mother Nature’s season confusion. Craig and Amanda’s house is wall to wall antiques and has all sorts of treasures like thisView full post »

The Kiefers.

Brandon and Katie have a new home and invited me over to capture the silliness that takes place inside. Cute matching profiles! Sometimes you just have to get the sillies out before you can be serious. The girls sure are adorable. ResumeView full post »


It’s remarkable how fast time goes. Sad, really. I’ve been spending so much time mourning that my last babies are growing so fast and nearly 8 mths that this big girl slid right under the radar becoming a school age kid. In fact, IView full post »

The Pinelos.

This kid, OHHMYGOSH.  What a stinkin’ charmer. Is it possible to be any cuter? I love that he hasn’t grown out his dimpled fingers and toes. Chris and Tasha totally amazed me with their singing skills. If every set of parents couldView full post »

The Jeans.

I had a quickie the other night with Becki and Mike. Gorgeous light, big laughs, good backdrop, you know, everything that you want in a quickie. It was perfect. :0 These two lovelies created a sweet little boy who will be gracing us next month! IView full post »

The Dotzauers.

This session! Sheesh. Heather planned for her family to join in their annual portraits while everyone was in town. It was a rainy day, but they wanted to try since the radar said it may clear. They drove 90 min (!!) and met me at a park where weView full post »

The Broxtermans.

Oh the way they’re resting their heads together. And if you squint one eye, and cover their hair with your thumb…it looks like the same kid. They look so calm and settled…the moment lasted long enough to focus and Olivia was upView full post »

The Klares.

Lifestyle sessions are the best. They are even better when it’s a family who I consider my family. Luci and Chris are my nearest and dearest friends and I’m so thrilled they were down for my idea. “I come over, you live life, IView full post »