Monthly Archives: September 2015

The Frimmings.

You have no idea how excited I am for Brandon and Lynzie. We’ve been good friends for ages and been capturing their big life moments along the way. Also, through the years we’ve been there for each other’s heartache. It’sView full post »

The Tracys.

What started out with the Klems family session, turned into updating everyone in my family’s pictures. What was supposed to be an hr session, became 4hrs. HA!   Look at these BEAUTIES. Aren’t you guys just gorgeous. Those colorsView full post »

The Stewarts.

Clients think I’m the worst when I make them sit in the sun because it’s super hot and sweaty and the last thing they want to do is cuddle. But look how pretty these pics are! Totes worth it. 🙂 Riley is so big now! Look at herView full post »

The Delaneys.

Kelly has been trying to figure out how to have me shoot her family for only liiiike…how old is Eliott? Lol. Our friend was getting married in Chicago and it finally worked out that I’d be available while Adam was doing groomsmenView full post »

The Jacksons.

Holly and Kevin made a babyyyy! Henry was so sweet and content for me! Thanks, buddy! Holly is a hair dresser and was quite excited about all that hair. 🙂 He was only a week and his eyelashes are already in so well! That squishy face! Kisses,View full post »

Mr. & Mrs. Myers!

So easy to enhance those beautiful eyes! “This is happening!” Mark is so sweet. “WOOOOOW!!! You look AMAZING! WOW! This is just, WOW! You look so beautiful.” I’d like him to follow me around daily shouting thoseView full post »

The Pace Circus

I actually scheduled 6 month photos for the boys on my calendar so I would for real take them. But Mother Nature rained and rained and I had to keep using the date for reschedules for clients. So how about just under 8 months? :0 Ezra and NicoView full post »

The Augs.

Brittany and Jeff wanted to hang out with our circus for dinner one evening but first I wanted to spend a few minutes capturing her glowing self and that adorable bump. You’re so pretty, Britt! You guys are going to be so good at thisView full post »