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Halloween 2016.

The Pace Circus! So it’s been an obvious costume since I started calling us the Pace Circus the day I delivered the twins. Last year we did Alice in Wonderland because the babies were chubby and bald and it was perfect. But I’ve beenView full post »

The Priores.

Ohhhmygooodnesss. Little Eddie in the hizzouse looking scrumptious as ever. When I was setting up my lenses, Nikki just laid him on the bed casually and I couldn’t stand to move him! I never get open palm shots of newborns becauseView full post »

Mr. & Mrs. Thompson!

Another joyous wedding documented. Fjällräven Kånken Barn Laughter and love shared all day long! The boys got ready in the same house as the girls, just in the basement. Was super convenient because when we got there, the guys were ready, soView full post »

The Lemonds.

Aimee invited me back, this time she included the rest of her family! I love this! Twinsies, Womens Air Jordan 3 Anya and Isaac. Eeek! They’re all so beautiful! The sweet oblivious little baby right thur, he’s gonna be a wildView full post »

The Jacksons.

Henry just turned one, so he asked if I could come play on the streets of OTR with him. 🙂 Sup. Holly, you look so pretty! You both are adorable! So excited to try out this walking thing. <3 <3 <3 Look Ma, no hands! YES. HappyView full post »

The Flicks.

These Flicks, they make me smile. Amanda! You look so great! Those smiles are THE BEST. LouLou wasn’t sure about this. Nope, definitely not having it. HA! There was no being still with either of them. ZZZzzzzzzzz. That Charlie,View full post »


Introducing Miss Sarah, the beautiful. The light annoyed me all night but the wind made up for the sun’s moodiness. Yes. Love! This blue is so stunning on you! Do yourself a favor and wear it all the time!! This was about the time theView full post »

The Kneflins.

The look Brody is giving me, I’m pretty certain that he just realized he’s surrounding by some very independent women. He’s all, help a brotha out! Caroline couldn’t keep her hands off him. Women Air Jordan 3 🙂 ThoseView full post »