Monthly Archives: August 2016

The Jacksons.

Henry just turned one, so he asked if I could come play on the streets of OTR with him. 🙂 Sup. Holly, you look so pretty! You both are adorable! So excited to try out this walking thing. <3 <3 <3 Look Ma, no hands! YES. HappyView full post »


Introducing Miss Sarah, the beautiful. The light annoyed me all night but the wind made up for the sun’s moodiness. Yes. Love! This blue is so stunning on you! Do yourself a favor and wear it all the time!! This was about the time theView full post »

First Grade!

We had a countdown going for this day for what seemed like forever and then somehow it just snuck right up on me and I’m left here like, what the hell just happened? First grade!! This is serious business now. We have a real school ager inView full post »

The Lymans.

Lets just cut to the chase and go straight to the cute! She smiled for me and it had me all tickled. Piper loved being swaddled super tight. Don’t you just want to kiss those droopy lips! Eek! That face! I intended on this being black andView full post »

The Bills.

Four beautiful, little, well behaved kiddies. My favorite kind of clients. First time a client has dressed to coordinate with their porch. HA! The littlest always gets tortured. :0 I didn’t have to do any tricks. Just counted and boom. IView full post »

The Klems.

My nieces just kept begging and beeeegging me to take their pictures so I finally took them to the park and got them off my case. They’re so easy and cooperative at their old ages that it takes so little work. It’s so weird howView full post »


There’s this girl that I know. She lives on my street and she’s super pretty. Like, really gorgeous. Her name is Lizzie and I want you to meet her. I like a brown eyed girl in the sunlight. Blue eyed folks can’t ever look at meView full post »

The Lawsons.

A few years back, Zach and Taryn had a beautiful wedding. So glad Miss Quinn has come along to give me another excuse to photograph them! If you asked Quinn how old she was, she’d very dramatically hold up her pointers. Unfortunately theView full post »