Monthly Archives: November 2016

The Priores.

Ohhhmygooodnesss. Little Eddie in the hizzouse looking scrumptious as ever. When I was setting up my lenses, Nikki just laid him on the bed casually and I couldn’t stand to move him! I never get open palm shots of newborns becauseView full post »

The Kneflins.

The look Brody is giving me, I’m pretty certain that he just realized he’s surrounding by some very independent women. He’s all, help a brotha out! Caroline couldn’t keep her hands off him. 🙂 Those eyebrows neverView full post »

The Kiefers.

This session is so full of joy! I’ve been shooting the Kiefers the last few years and each time brings a different kind of experience. The girls were wound up this day, though they swore they didn’t have sugar for lunch. But how can IView full post »

The Wilsons.

What is up with the intense morning fog recently? I came straight from coaching where the light was gorgeous and I could barely see the fog. Once I arrived downtown, it was freezing and SO foggy. But these two smileys, Katie and Kyle,View full post »


Gorgeous day with awesome light and a beautiful girl. What more can a photographer ask for? Fall leaves look best with sun on them which makes it hard for the client in direct light. I appreciate when they can tolerate the blinding sun 🙂 PrettyView full post »

The Schoenlings.

It was a gorgeous evening and we had the whole park to ourselves! It was quite lovely not cropping out all the other “photographers.” Tessa had just woken up from her nap and was nice and content. Nora and I were fast friends.View full post »

ICELAND DAY 6 (Hvammstangi > Reykjavík)

FINALLY! Our last day in Iceland. Bahaha. This trip was now 5 months ago and the details are so vague to me that I’m glad I jotted down notes. But for real, I’ve done so much since this that it feels like a lifetime ago. Siiiigh. OurView full post »

The Bruns.

These cute little muffins were a delight. Some photogs frown upon sun flares, but how can you not love a rainbow?! Gorgeous. She tried to play shy at the beginning, it was so sweet. It didn’t take long for her to be my friend. 🙂 TheView full post »