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Another year around the sun!

Each year, the first weekend in December, we drive an hr and cut down a Christmas tree with my Aunt Dale. Every year it gets a little more complicated and crazy, but in the end it’s always a fun memory to have. This year, the Mothership hadView full post »

Merry Christmas 2016!

Merry Christmas to all my social media friends! (Back) (Front.) Doing projects is always overwhelming while we are doing it and I hardly ever try to remember to take progress work. Afterwards I always regret it because I know the non artist blogView full post »

Nico’s 5th birthday photobooth

We set the bar preeeetty low around here for birthdays and keep parties to only our immediate families, BUT the 1st and 5th are kinda big deal. As in, we invite a few friends into the crazy and for their 5th, we have a photobooth. Which weView full post »


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Mr & Mrs Kladakis!

What a fun way to end our year with Amanda and John! Nori sat next to me as I processed these images and she said, “Wow! That bride is really pretty! I like that her dress comes up around her neck! She looks so happy!” I said,View full post »


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The Erharts.

I arrived early and Jenna and Kevin were still getting ready, so I happily offered to change Riley’s clothes for them. Well, once I got to her diaper I was like, ummmmm this needs to be captured, STAT. Like, these buttered rolls areView full post »

The Frimmings.

Twinbots turned one last week! It was also the same week they got the keys to their new house! Triple the space for them to destroy run around and have fun! I headed to their new place and we relaxed and played. Some of us enjoyed cheerios andView full post »