Monthly Archives: January 2017

The Jimmars.

Look at these sweet faces! They’re laughing because they were chucking pebbles at us. I mean, whatever it takes to get the laughs. :-0 We got lucky on the mild day to shoot outside, we did not, however, luck out on the rained that pouredView full post »

The Denos.

Sloane is here! Sloane is here! Ok, actually she’s been here a few months but with the crazy of the holidays, I just got to meet her! :0  Mini Craig was worth the wait!! I’m not the only one saying that either! It was a long road forView full post »

The Farnhams.

I got a text on the way that Gwen was needing an emergency bath after making a mess. :0 When I walked in I heard all sorts of squeals coming from upstairs, meaning some little lady’s belly felt much better! She heard my voice as I was comingView full post »

The Vandemarks

My favorite part of winter is to see all the bare trees silhouetted in the sky. Especially in the sunset, but on a gray day, a clear sky looks just as cool. Put a preggie in that mix and YESSS! <3 <3 Oh, hey gorgeous!! I love greenView full post »

Comfy Bedding For An Imaginary Family.

Last summer, a graphic designer working for a German bedding company contacted me. She wanted relaxed “lived in” lifestyle shots with a family on her client’s products. It sounded different and fun so I accepted the job! She hadView full post »

The Amann-Nunerys.

A sweet little newborn entered our family just after Thanksgiving, hours away from sharing Nico’s bday! Little cutie is Nash Nunery! Right off the bat he showed me his best side because, obviously, I’m his new favorite person. FrogView full post »

The Wilsons.

Little baby owl Lucy squeezed her birth in between the holidays! No sleep for this one that day. If her eyes were closed, it was because I timed her blinks. :0 Barely a week and she was alert the entire session! This is what happens when babiesView full post »

Arkadiance Skin Care

Over the summer, I worked with the creator of a new all natural and organic (YIPPEE!!!) skincare line to create a brand for her new product line. When she asked me to do ordinary studio style product shots, I right away explained that was out ofView full post »