Monthly Archives: November 2017

The Kiefers.

Over the years, Brandon and Katie have taken me all sorts of places! This year they found a tree farm to start! These girls are all giggles, all the time! Brandon’s brother and nephew liked the old truck on property to use as a prop! TheView full post »


Our college pal and later bride, is making a big move to NYC! She started a RedHead beauty blog awhile back and was in seek of new headshots for that and for future needs! We hung out at a local park for an hour catching up and having fun. NoView full post »

The Frimmings.

The twinbots are two! Well, in a few days! Can you guys believe you’ve been at this parenting thing for 2 yrs!! Goofy girls! The sun was out in the beginning and the kids were happy as can be! It wasn’t so terrible but then it wentView full post »

The Murphys.

Happy first bday to Emerson!! This day was a little chilly but mostly very windy and she thought the breeze was hysterical. Standing was difficult in those shoes so her OUR reaction…was very exciting when she did it. LoveView full post »

The Hasselbecks.

How adorable are these kiddies? Cousins. Four under 4. Just getting them to sit in the same vicinity was hilarity in itself. Everyone has these beautiful blue eyes!! Crosley is at the over active tongue age. It’s literally the best. IView full post »

The Dyes.

This sweet little baby face was only 6 days old when I met him!  Henry was alert and looking around like he was 3 months old! How bout this hot mama! Danielle, motherhood looks wonderful on you! Stop it with that cute face! He was loving theView full post »

Bridget & Brendan.

This cute couple is getting married next spring, so we decided Fall was a perfect time to shoot their engagement session! Cincinnati is doing a rad job of repainting all the bright walls downtown. This cute little pink number went beautifullyView full post »

The Rajs.

Hayes turned one this day! Happy Birthday, big guy! Seeking independence!! Auggie, I feel ya man. But you’re still adorable. :0 The easiest way to make kids laugh in the fall. <3 So handsome! You all are so adorable! The rest of theView full post »