Monthly Archives: July 2018

The Proctors.

Nothing like bringing out your nice living room couch to your driveway to get an adorable portrait! Such an attractive family! These two! Ari was a tough crowd but every now an then he’d give me the sweetest little smile! When you haveView full post »

The Paces.

We spent a (really hot) second at the park before dinner a couple weeks ago with the “other Paces”. So much pretty! <3 Love this! When sibs have polar opposite eyes! Woah. Adam kept our kids in the car till I was ready, withView full post »

The Owenses.

Yessssss. Bottle up this innocent joy, Amy and Dave, the brutal teenage years are just around the corner!! EEEEEK! The most beautiful kids! You guys are all gorgeous!! Annie was thrilled to be the one tossed around. 🙂 Giggles, giggles, soView full post »

The Welches.

This big girl just turned one! Happy birthday to Charlotte! And she’s going to be a big sister next month! Caroline wasn’t ready for Kate’s (face) embrace! They’re missing their brothers who are out of town! Dad wasView full post »

The Cornettes.

The first time I shot this crew a handful of years ago, we went to Findlay. Since they drive down from Columbus, we thought it would be fun to go back considering they haven’t been there since. Heather planned her color schemeView full post »

The Hicks.

Three teenage boys showed up bright and early on a sunday mornin’, held hands and humored me for 90minutes. What dolls! I feel like the day my boys are all taller than me are going to be here before I know it. UGH. Look how sweet you guysView full post »

The Brookses.

This little guy! How sweet is his smile! He was so torn between looking at me, the new person, or mommy. Back and forth, over an over. Happy boy! Weeeeee! Holy hot mama! The woman’s brain is truly fascinating, isn’t it? Like allView full post »

Mr. & Mrs. Bacon!

I don’t normally start with a portrait but in full transparency, I knew this shot would be a bit of clickbait for the rest of this gorgeous wedding! Because bacon. Abriiiiiiiii. I mean, who was actually shocked at how stunning she lookedView full post »