Monthly Archives: August 2018

The Kerstings.

I met the big, but still growing, Kersting family at the grandparents house! We were hot, sweaty and some tears, but overall, if this one shot was the only take away, I think Grandma would have been happy! Errybody in one place, looking and evenView full post »

Play Ball!

These cute kids flew in from Texas so Buzz could throw out the first pitch last night to Dale. It was also Jasper and Rebecca’s first Red’s game. This big guy is about to be one! We started the night with a parade on theView full post »

The Ewings.

Look at all this cuteness!! I’m not even sure who was having more fun between kids, Alex or Beth! HA! Bob made the cutest expressions! Beth and I grew up together and now our kids are doing just the same at our Alma Mater! How fun! I loveView full post »

The Lyonses.

Liz and Mike recently bought her moms home, so we played on their beautiful property. These two. They didn’t want to look at me and smile, so I told them to fight. They loved that idea! When your little sister keeps trying to pinch yourView full post »

The Goldschmidts.

We took the kids back to the garden mom and dad got married in the Spring, as it’s now all bloomed! Mila spent the whole time flipping her hair side to side. Literally, no pauses. Flip the right, flip the left. Repeat. Adorable. This bigView full post »

The Wanderslebens.

This wee one arrived 10 weeks early!! Nellie’s doing great now and thank God mama is survived her preeclampsia just fine as well! She kept twisting around to find her Daddy’s voice! Just before I walked in, they experienced her firstView full post »


To see more of Isla fresh outta the womb, click HERE! Heart, Melanie.View full post »

The Klares.

Drum rollllll for the cutest family that ever was. This cracks me up on so many levels. We had fun with silos for a handful of minutes. Gosh you guys are perfect! Can you even imagine Hope and Grace in this too? ::Sobs:: I always tell parents,View full post »