Monthly Archives: November 2018

The Tolzmanns.

Sara’s favorite Christmas pastime is matching. So ’tis the season to gimme allll the matching Christmas plaid! Annaliese is such a mother hen! Love watching her with her siblings. Let it be known, I have to say inappropriate thingsView full post »

The Gaffeys.

Joseph and Patrick have a new baby sister!! Maggie was a little unsure what was happening at all times and I just feel like I need to say, “Get used to that, baby girl. Nori never understands what the heck her brothers are doingView full post »

Mr. & Mrs. Billings!!

I mean, all my brides are beautiful but some come along that are striking in a way that I can’t articulate and I just get on my own nerves by saying the same lame things over and over. I met Sadie when she was 9 and I could have NEVERView full post »

The Demeropolises.

A couple minions escaped from the giggle factory. Emmett is shy and calm. Then theres that other one. Bahaha. Viv showed me all sides of her in 90min! I’ve said it before but I love all the things about early school age teeth and lackView full post »

The Meisels.

Nikki was worried that this late in the season, their backyard wouldn’t be pretty anymore. Looking out the back windows, it was indeed quite bare but, angles and lighting and bokeh, baby!! The dogs were hilarious. Don’t be fooled thatView full post »

Mr. & Mrs. Schwallie!

I feel like it was an eternity ago that Hannah emailed me asking to save the various dates her and Austin were looking into. And now here the wedding has come and gone in a blink! Those adorable matching buns for mommy and daughter! The first ofView full post »

The Days.

These cuties moved back to town because they just couldn’t stay away from us forever! Not that you can even tell, which is cray because she’s half way, but there’s a baby sis in Kristin’s belly!!!!! YAY! I love thoseView full post »

The Kulkarnis.

Ami included her sister and parents this go around! Those laughs!! They just moved into a beautiful home so that’s where we met! They happened to have a bunch of pretty trees in front, so we spent the whole 90min in their front yard! HowView full post »