Monthly Archives: March 2019

The Hammergrens.

Eleanor has survived a whole year of brothers and having Bob as a father.  Between the two of those things, I’m not sure which is a bigger feat!🤣 Bob and I are always on the same page. When a kid is cranky, just throw them aroundView full post »


Luke and his mom hopped into my car and ventured into the city with me to wander. Luke actually mumbled he was worried I was going to kidnap him. I mean, that’s fair. He doesn’t know me. But let’s be honest. If I’m going toView full post »

The Preslars.

Sam had his big first birthday! He had these delectable chubby cheeks with these big eyes staring back at me. I should have been frustrated that he wasn’t always amused by me, but that little precious moments face made me weak! YouView full post »

The Cowells.

We’re having a baby in less than a month!!! Ok, I loosely used the word “we” here but if you know us, then you get what I’m saying. We’re giddy with the feeling Grandparents must have when a new baby is coming.View full post »

The Farnhams.

Guess who has a little brother on the way! Or maybe I should say, “chicken nugget” as she so sweetly calls him! “Kiss her, DAD!” Clearly, Gwen was giving him no choice. 😆 Love those curves, Mama! The emerald is soView full post »

The Merkels.

Natalie is a big sister! Jillian arrived a couple weeks ago! Natalie didn’t want me to take her picture so Daddy had to chase her around to get her to come back to us, whiiiich subsequently created good memories. 😍 We were on aView full post »