mr. and mrs. nunery.

so this is going to be an extraordinarily long post becauuuuuse…it’s MY SISTER’S WEDDING!:)

the gals had their hair done by gina gilfilen. she did my wedding hair and she’s AWESOME. any of my future brides, i’d definitely

recommend her!!

i’ve always been jealous of ali’s perfect complexion.

the boys chilled at casa de pace.:)

this is my brother in law ben! he looks so serious…no worries, he’s not.:)

my mom and dad used to handcraft wooden names at fairs when we were little. each of us still has ours hanging in our bedroom.

mine has been glued back together in several places :-O oops! i played hard when i was little. oh yah, nonni and poppi, i fully expect one of

these this coming new year!!:)you better go oil the saw!

my mom putting on earings of her last bride! sniff sniff.

so ali and ben bought a house. every time we go there, ben has to show us how he’s going to stand each morning with his cup of coffee

gazing out at his land. HA. be sure to call me that first morning and let me know how it goes.:)

ali waiting upstairs to reveal herself to benjamen.

the ‘grand staircase’ reveal.




ben gave ali the diamond necklace she is wearing. it was his mom’s from when he was little. cindy was very proud to see ali

wearing it that day!


the four of us went to the park to shoot some before the rest of the gang got there. those last few moments before everything gets crazy, is

the time you remember why the stress the past year was worth it!

isn’t she beautiful.

you all know this kid. ella, our niece (ali’s god daughter).:)she was soooo excited to be a princess that day. how quickly did you notice

her hand? lol. awesome:)

ali got her pink wedding she’s always dreamed of!

ben with his boys. some of those guys told some pretty hilarious stories about ben over the weekend. thanks for sharing:)

this is adam’s take on the classic reservoir dogs.

adam’s favorite.

ella and samantha. ali watched samantha grow up in rhode island. since she moved home it’s been so hard for ali not to see her everyday.

we were so glad they made it!

breathtaking. i told ali just before she walked up. pull it together! and remember pretty cry face! not ugly cry face!! lol.

she did much better than i did. britt and i were a mess :-/

i love this.

so cool. i really do have to give adam props for shooting the entire ceremony by himself. but i’m not going to lie, i knew where he was

at all times. lol.

hahahahahhahahahahahaha. NEVER GIVE YOUR FRIENDS BIRDSEED TO THROW AT YOU!!! terrible idea. sounded cool. but the picking birdseed out of our hair for

2 days, not so cool. ben was being pelted with full untied bags. ali had lbs down her dress. it was hilarious. did you notice im having a good ole time nailing her?

that was for making me shoot her wedding in heels and a dress.:)yer welcome.

cheers to the nunerys!

something very cool about this picture.

dave, ben’s dad cuttin the rug with my 91 year old grandma!! get it grandma!

um yes, they liked my speech. this might have been after i referred to ben mistaking me for ali after they moved in last year.:)

meet sarah, ben’s sister. she made this beautiful cake…then ali thought she might want to taste how good her cake really was. i ate it

everyday for a week after. sarah, it WAS GOOOOD.:)oh yah, sarah was even awesome enough to dye the inside hot pink to surprise ali!!

my favorite.:)

well the past year of planning came to a great end! poor ali and ben had some major complications (everything but troubles between the

two of them!) the few weeks leading up to their wedding. most people would have had a nervous break down, truly i have no idea how they

got through it. i don’t think anyone could have enjoyed a honeymoon like they must have!! everything came together so beautifully,

especially that bride. as i sat here sifting through images i kept saying to adam…”seriously, ali is so pretty”. he kept saying, ‘I KNOW, you

told me!” lol. it was so much fun watching her inner “martha stewart” surface and plan each detail. since she lives with us, i was always

hearing about new details. it was like planning a wedding again, but not having the stress and worry attached! way more fun to be a MOH if

you ask me:)and i’m so excited to finally call ben a brother. now if we can just get ella to say, “uncle ben, go make me some rice!” he will

finally be an official part of our family! remember, him and pat own Powerhouse and we all couldn’t be prouder of his skills (& magic)! ben

fits right in with my jokes and usually it’s a race to throw in our one liners. haha. anywho, although i joked about being maid of honor AND

photographer all day, it was still an awesome experience. i felt bad because at some points i knew i should be getting a shot, but instead i

thought it was more important to be there assisting ali in the moment.  and even some points my preggo nausea got the best of me and i

couldn’t DO EITHER job!! lol.  we were honored that you wanted us to shoot your wedding instead of anyone else. it’s very flattering when

someone thinks so highly of our work.  we love you guys. and even though your house rehab will be done soon and you will be moving out, i

really wish you could stay!! i’m going to miss all our nights of laughter. good luck nunerys! we are over 3 mths now which means you have

less than 6 mths to get pregnant, hurry up!;)heart smelli (your favorite lil sis) and adam (your favorite luchidor).

  • L - WOWZA. especially picture … 14? [with the amazing soft focus through the foliage] FANTASTIC.
    you two are beyond amazing… and the couple? totally perfect together :)
    congrats on the new brother, and doing such a fantastic job with the pictures!

  • stacey - i wish i could comment on each picture!! you are right, ali is flippin’ gorgeous!!! and oddly enough in the pic with all the bridesmaids i think ali and brittany look more alike than anything. beautiful pics adam and mel!! love ‘em mucho as always:)

  • stacie d. - love the pictures, they look great. you do an amazing job as always!! i forgot how much your sister and you look so much alike!

  • eric. - good stuff.

  • brenda - a) melanie looks like she is having way too much fun throwing bird seed
    b) ella is awesome with her hand gesture
    c) ali looks ridic gorgeous
    d) where is that house – i fell in love
    e) i love the shot of ali and ben behind the doors, looks like a fun magazine ad

  • mom and dad tracy - beautiful pictures as always…our fav of course is our 3 gorgeous daughters. Beautiful bride, Ali.. and yeah…another son in the family.

  • Maura - Just looking back through these today. What wonderful pictures for Olivia to have! She can see how truly in love her parents were! Love you guys.

  • 3 yrs ago today. | Rock Pink 4 Ali - [...] up in front of all our family and friends and toasted my sister and her new husband. Not only was I photographing this wedding with Adam, I was also 9 weeks pregnant (puking all day) and co Matron of honor with Britt (who just [...]

  • Sarah - Hi I saw the link to your story on Facebook. I’m so sorry for the loss of your beautiful sister. What beautiful photos her daughter will have to cherish for the rest of her life. I was curious looking at these photos which church in Cincinnati this was?

  • Robin Alford - I am so very sorry for the loss of your dear sister. The recreation of the pictures with her daughter are beautiful. Xoxo

  • Kimber Hitchcock - Thank you for sharing such beautiful wedding pictures and story of your love for your sister…I read your story on Facebook and cried…Merry Christmas to you and yours

  • Kai - I came across the article about Ben & Olivia’s photoshoot that you did. Such a beautiful thing. Rest in Peace, beautiful Ali.

  • Mom’s memory lives on through touching Photo’s of dad and daughter | 102.3 BOB FM - […] husband, who is also a photographer and helped out with the shoot, posted the photos to their blog, and the beautiful and poignant images soon attracted attention, as even those unfamiliar with the […]

  • Christina Speers - Hi, I judt wanted to tell you I gave birth at 5 months and Lexi only lived a few hours. I became preggo again and had to go on bedrest for many months having had many issues…during the pregnancy with Tristan I never stopped getting feathers just like you!! Even stories on the news…a baby got a feather stuck in its skin…weirdest story ever. Read your blog … Ali is just crazy beautiful and her daughter so loved great photo shoot. Forgot about the feathers entirely! Until I read yoir story. So thank you for the reminder. And so sorry for your loss. So damned beautiful.

  • Gwen - I saw a link mentioning the pictures of Ben & Olivia / Ben & Ali, and found my way to your blog. I have enjoyed these beautiful pictures of your stunning Ali. I am so sorry for your family’s loss. There are no words that can express the deep sadness that I feel about this story. I am a bereaved parent -my beloved daughter Lauren was murdered when she was just 22 years old — so I know something of great loss. My heart goes out to you. I am thankful that you have such beautiful memories and pictures to comfort you.

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