The Koesters.

I met Emily when we were 13 (the pretty blonde in the blue dress) in art class. Our friendship stregnthened through HS but we lost

contact in college. (Lame)  Recently, I’ve had the pleasure to rekindle and get to know the rest of the gang since shooting Nora’s birth

15+months ago. I know you remember Nora, EVVVERYONE near and far knows that sweet baby girl! She’s doing great!


Funny how 20yrs ago, these 4 were probably at each other’s throats full time. Now they are all tight as can be. Love it.

I did some quick shots of each individual dynamic of the family. This is Joe and his husband Dustin. Ridiculously good looking. One

of the first things I said when I saw them side by side, “Y’all totes share clothes don’t you?” “Yep.” (with grins 🙂 )LUCKY.

You know, Marian. You went on and on about how good looking my whole family is and how blessed we are etc. Ummm….HELLO?!

Right back at ya! Wow! What a stunning group, including the married-ins!

Someone is getting BIG! (Aleisa still blogs regularly if you wanted an update on Nora)

It’s been almost a year since I shot Aleisa and William with their brood. Months keep passing and they all just keep getting cuter!

You photobomb. You get called out. Your welcome. (HAHAHA)

Those are some happy grandparents! Marian, you look gorgeous!

William making everyone crack up, what’s new?

Nora with her nanny, Kelly. Clearly, they despise each other.

We were actually on Sarah and Dan’s property, so I just had to use the dock with them. So pretty.

Seriously? 🙂 🙂

These newly weds will make some freaking beautiful kids one day!

Fact: I’ve always been jealous of Emily’s beauty. Effortless.


William, I went the extra mile for you because you seemed to be very excited about this shot. 😉

Handsome Parker boy! And those legs! Nomnomnom.

How perfect was this evening? It was supposed to rain and instead I had beautiful light and a perfect temp. I was so excited to get home

and review the images. Everyone photographed so well, as expected. Can’t wait to watch the family as it continues to keep growing!

Thanks for having me. Much love to all the Koesters and families. Heart, Melanie.

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