The Browns.

Wait a minute! Weren’t these kids just on here? Turns out Karianne was knocked up at the last session and now in a handful of

weeks, another baby will be here! Whaaa? I know, right?


As I was taking the shot to the right, it started pouring rain. Poooouring. Which was actually ok because they wanted to end in the

fountains downtown anyway! So we waited it out under a tree in an alley. HA!:)

Liam just hated the water. Clearly.

Can’t wait to find out who is in that belly! October can’t come soon enough! I am certain that he/she will be ridiculously cute like

the other two, that’s fo sho! So exciting! Glad we got to do this! Heart, Melanie.


  • Karianne - Love them! Thanks for capturing us being us!

  • Katie Spearman Lynch - karianne! you are still the prettiest ever. when i see your pics get posted i think to myself “there’s no way that she is still the prettiest” but then you are. i cant wait to find out about brown baby tres!

  • Kelly May - Amazing photos! You look wonderful Brown family! :-)

  • Amy Duke - Love theses pictures!!!!

  • Sean Brown - Nice work Melanie

  • Stephanie Lyell - These were fun to look through since I have actually met Karianne! Yay for living in Cincy now! I love the water shots :) I love how they are just so natural-who cares if hair and clothes got wet and it just rained-they are perfect and fun! Love!

  • nonni and Poppi - just love all of the shots. You guys are such a great family and have so much fun and Mel captured you perfectly. Love you all.

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