The Martins.

This post is full of so much personality. It’s my favorite when I’m able to capture subjects true to life.

martin001martin002Exploring for snails.

martin003martin004You said whaaaat?

martin005martin006How gorgeous are you Lauren?


This is one of those shots where I could have chosen the “more perfect” one where Wyatt isn’t all up in Lauren’s hair. Howeverrr, this is

how life is with kids and I think this is perfect. You sneak kisses when you can while the kids are in your face orrr pulling your hair. 🙂

martin011martin012martin013Wyatt! HAHA.


martin016I just want to squeeze him.




What a handsome boy…that would make a pretty little girl if you put a wig on him. 😉martin024

Welp, you guys are the cutest! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you all! Thanks for playing with me Wyatt! Heart, Melanie.

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