The Glanklers.

Because of these lovely people, all the happiness below was able to happen.

glankler002How proud Mom and Dad must be to look around them and know they helped create most of these beautiful people.

glankler001THE CUTEST. This is what 63 yrs of marriage looks like.


glankler005Rumor had it she never smiles for pictures. Key is to distract and focus attention elsewhere which gives a way more relaxed natural shot

and grab those smiles without her realizing!


rach002glankler009glankler010This was happening behind me whenever I was shooting the kids. HA! Rounds of every kids song you can think of. Good job team!

glankler011glankler012Oh look, it’s my favorite family that I’m in no way related to, but might as well be!

glankler013It was high 30’s while we were shooting and it was hard not to look so stiff. Rach jumped in with a little bit of jazz hands and that’ll

make any portrait perfect and warm. 🙂

glankler014glankler015The world’s most solid group of sisters, right here. They each bring something special to their family and to everyone around them. While

they are so similar, they each have such different talents to offer the world. I love these Glankler girls. I’m super sad Erin has moved away

now too, leaving Rachel the closest to us at 25 min away. LAME.


 Rach needed a head shot for her nursing department, which also gives me the opportunity to update since it’s been forever. She’s doing

great, beautiful as ever! Super healthy, 2.5 yrs cancer free!! Happy as ever studying away getting great grades while we all miss seeing

her face regularly. We FaceTime often and squeeze in visits when she’s home for the weekend. School is keeping her so busy that she

couldn’t even sneak away and join us in Disney last week. Huge bummer for my entire family, especially my nieces who are allllways

asking about her and her sisters. I’m so thankful for how our relationship has developed over the years and shoot, half my friends and

family use a Glankler or one of their friends to babysit regularly. It’s a good thing you tried out for my team 10 yrs ago, Rachel!

You’ve touched so many people in my life! You rock.  :-*rach001

Thanks for bearing the cold that morning. I’m happy to update the ol’ big family portrait on the wall! And ahheeeemDONNA, please update

your mantle. Erin is in college now!! Hope you guys treasure those shots of grandma and grandpa forever! So sweet. Great to see all of you

outside of a cancer event!  😉 Heart, Melanie.

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