What a smooth, easy senior session this was! Leanne was a pro, as you’ll see.leanne001leanne002leanne003leanne005leanne004leanne006

We picked a perfect day and location to show fall. leanne007leanne008leanne009leanne010leanne011

She had 3 completely different looks because her awesome hair stylist came along with us! How nice! I love all the color in her hair.

Oh look, I’m envious of hair! What’s new, right?leanne012Gor.Geous.

leanne013leanne014leanne015This was my favorite part of the sesh. I think it’s also because by this point, Leanne was in it to win it. She was warmed up

and killing every shot with ease.

leanne016leanne017So glad you chose red lips for this outfit. Perfection.

leanne018leanne019I mean really. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL.


So after you spend college becoming a forensic scientist/detective…maybe you should move to Hollywood and use that knowledge to

become the new lead on CSI. Sounds like a plan if you ask me. 🙂 Good luck with the rest of your senior year! Heart, Melanie.

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