Kristina & Scott.

I’m constantly saying to clients, “cuddle it up, yo!” Well done. 🙂

KS001KS002KS003KS004Look at your pretty faces!


Until I was processing these images, I didn’t realize that you switched your yellow pants for a yellow shirt. 🙂 Good work on that choice!KS013


That perfect laugh on the right was caused from a guy asking if I’d let him pose with me after I was done shooting them. AWK.WARD. He

did at least have his teeth, I think?KS015KS016Get. IT. Girl.

KS017KS018KS019KS020KS021KS022KS023We really did have a good time shooting, can’t you tell? Love all this genuine laughter!

KS024KS025So pretty.KS026KS027

I’m so excited everything has worked out so smoothly. Glad you bid on that gift certificate at that fundraiser and won this session! Look at

all these fun shots AND your wedding will be even better! Woop woop! See you in the spring! Heart, Melanie.

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