Mr. & Mrs. Bautista!


Glossa doing what they do and doing it well.rgb003rgb004rgb005rgb006

Putting the garter in place, a perfect job for a little sister. 😉rgb007While I was processing this image it occurred to me that both of you have perfect lips. How lucky are your future kiddies!!


Lots of big laughs all day long. Gina’s laugh is loud and contagious. I love that.rgb011rgb012

You guys!rgb013rgb014rgb015You really should try and be a little more gorgeous. Geeze.


That happiness between Becca and Gina is perfection. rgb022This fancy jacket is her late Grandmas, Gina’s namesake. Decades old, worn on her wedding day as well. Gina had it altered in length and

to fit her perfectly. How cool, right?

rgb023rgb024It seems as though we couldn’t stop taking bridal portraits. Ooops.

rgb025rgb026This wedding was jampacked with sentimental value. This is the car her folks left in on their wedding day so Paul drove Gina to the

church in it.


The ceremony was said by a close family priest friend and Gina’s Grandpa. It was very personal and sweet.rgb029rgb030The new Mr. & Mrs. welcoming us to the gun show. Get it girl!


Her dad thought this generation needed their own exit car soooo he found and fixed up this corvette. rgb033rgb034rgb035rgb036She’s a long time dancer. Wooorked that dance floor all night.


We’ll be seeing this gal in all white come January! 🙂 rgb042rgb043rgb044rgb045

What a fun and beautiful day! It was our pleasure to celebrate with you all! Thanks for having us! Congrats! Heart, Melanie and Adam.

PS. Rich, aren’t you SO GLAD you saw each other first and were able to get all those great portraits?? I AM!

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