Dr. & Dr. Planalp!

Can I be honest for a second? (Liiike, I may sound like a total idiot to most women.) I knew that there are certain name brands

that are more expensive than others, duh, but expensive to me is $75 for a pair of shoes. SO when I finally remembered to do

a little research on some name brands, let’s just say I literally spit out my drink. And now I get what the big fuss is about. :0

planalps001planalps002Oh Nancy, you are so good at what you do! planalps003planalps004


planalps006These moments were completely unplanned and that’s why I love them. Everyone was standing just behind me

Ohh and Ahhing over Caitlin’s perfection. planalps007Michael threw up this peace sign at the most random times throughout the day. Each time made me giggle a little because

Caitlin and Michael are both doctors and well, most docs are so serious. 🙂 Peace bro!planalps008planalps009planalps010It was the low 20’s this day. Brrrr. Do you know Caitlin never complained once? She was a happy icecube. 🙂 planalps011planalps012planalps013planalps014I like your hair. 🙂planalps015planalps016The closer you are the warmer you are! planalps017planalps018I don’t know what was happening here but it made me smile. 🙂planalps019planalps020They planned ample time for portraits because they had us for a whole lotta hours that day. So we took full advantage of these

pretties, as you are probably noticing. 🙂 Simply stunning.planalps021planalps022planalps023FAVORITE GROOMSMEN INDIVIDUALS OF ALL TIME. BAHAHA. I literally can’t express how much I enjoy these. Most guys

are super anxious about being photographed, especially if the bride wants individuals. But these happened and I love them. I

mean, the one on the left is perfection and they are brothers!! It’s alarming the chemistry between you. :0 The best. planalps024planalps025Those clasped hands. Love.planalps026planalps027Christmas decor for the win!planalps028planalps029planalps030Brides who want sparklers at their wedding, take note of these giant ones. Great light and no rushing. planalps031The reception was at Paul Brown Stadium and they took us to the “city view.”planalps032planalps033planalps034planalps035

Westsiders love rollin’ on the river!planalps047

planalps037planalps038planalps039planalps040Love when venues have ambient lighting we can play around with.planalps041planalps04210! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2!…planalps043ONE! HAPPY NEW YEEEEEAR!!!planalps044And because we were actually shooting on two separate levels for the big moment, some sweet bridesmaids/guests circled around

us later and counted down for us again. Thanks for doing that friends! Oh, and I’m a brunette now in case you didn’t know. 🙂planalps045

What a fun New Years! I hope it was exactly the big party you wanted! I wish you so much love for 2014! Maybe you guys can

even live in the same city? Thanks for having us. Heart, Melanie and Adam.

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