Mr. & Mrs. Schill

 I had a terrible time narrowing down these images because as you’ll see, everyone in them is so photogenic and gorgeous.

Courtney is part of my Our Lady of Victory family and I’ve known them my whole life. They couldn’t be more sweet and genuine

people. I was thrilled when we were available for her wedding! Matthew also comes from great people and couldn’t be a more

perfect match for Court. Their hearts and looks combined will make unstoppable children! 🙂

cSm001cSm002cSm003cSm004As we were walking out of her parent’s house the sun was radiant and I saw the way it hit her and just had to stop her. I was

adamant because the sun is such a rarity during winter days! And sure enough, it never poked back out the rest of the day!  cSm005First look! That wind was brutal and COOOOLD but made that veil do amazing things! cSm006I love your love!! ps. killer dress. cSm007cSm009cSm010Matt on the right was adorably infatuated watching me take bridals of Courtney, so I turned the camera on him.cSm008These two! Apparently he’s spent a lot of time away for work recently so they haven’t been able to hang out so much. If only we

could arrange for all our couples to spend some time away prior to wedding days! Dang! All they did was giggle and embrace

and kiss and be the cutest couple you ever did see. It was perfection and a photographers dream.cSm011cSm012cSm013cSm014cSm015cSm016cSm017cSm018The wedding party stayed warm inside while we shot the first look then got carried away with their beauty, so after a half hour

of missing them, they were excited to welcome them back (into the warmth)!cSm019cSm020cSm021cSm022Did I mention she had a gaggle of bridesmaids? All stunning, obviously.cSm023cSm024Ohhhh those boys. This is what happens (on the right) when you allow groomsmen to “be themselves.” 😀cSm025cSm026Chest buuump.cSm027cSm028cSm029cSm030cSm031cSm032cSm033cSm034

It’s hard to see but Dan’s phone is playing SVW. Sister’s With Voices. Entirely too many people knew every word, including

Dan. In fact, he was so good, he could have been a sister in the group.

cSm035cSm036You could see it in their eyes, we knew it was coming…cSm037cSm038It’s pretty clear where the girls get their beauty! Karen, you’ve never looked better!cSm039cSm040The pretty mamas on the left are Karen’s (Courtney’s mom) sisters. I swear I saw like 14 women at that wedding that looked

just like these 3. It was actually slightly creepy at times because they.were.everywhere. 😉cSm041cSm042cSm043cSm044cSm045Other than the overwhelming amount of love surrounding this couple, the other best part about this wedding was that it was a

500 guest Westside party. Like, I’ve known most the guests since I was 6 or younger!! So fun when, literally, everybody knows

your name. Westsiiiiide for life. cSm046

I hope you guys are having a wonderful time on your extended honeymoon! You all put on a wonderful event! We were thrilled

to be a part of it! Thanks and much love. Heart, Melanie and Adam.

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