When the Today Show was chillin at our house back in December, they asked me to shoot a mini session of Ben and Olivia. The

goal was to get some footage of me doing what I do and bringing out Olivia’s personality. Olivia was not fond of the strangers in

my house wanting to talk to her especially with the big lights and cameras all around. She wanted to hide under my coffee table or

lay on my couch spread eagle towards the camera the entire interview. It wasn’t until I started asking her to say and do silly things

with Ben that the Today crew got to actually see her little big personality. It was pretty comical actually. She went from

“NOOOO!” to “HAHAH MELWI you’re funny!” in seconds. The crew was all in stitches watching her crack up with Ben. I felt

proud as an Aunt/Photog to be able to take the nervous  tension out of the room so quickly. If you remember, we were all

emotional and the topic of discussion was heavy on our hearts so it was good to hear their crew say, “thanks for that, we really

needed a laugh.” Secretly I did too!! If you came to this blog after that viral craziness and have no idea what the heck I’m talking

about, then you can click and watch the segment online. I completely forgot about these images till I was just clean sweeping my

desktop. 🙂 PS. Still having people around the world asking for publication rights to the images. Nuts. All of it.

BenO003 The left was as soon as they sat down and she was all “get out of my face people”, so I had Ben kiss on her to relax her. And then

all I had to say was, “don’t you dare tickle your daddy.” BenO001BenO002I had them jump and crash onto my couch. 🙂BenO004BenO005

You’re welcome for the grin you are wearing. 🙂 Happy Friday!

 Heart, Melanie.

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