Happy Friday!

Heyyyyo! I don’t have much to say, but the blog suddenly has crickets sounding and that gives me anxiety. It’s funny cause I was

stressed that I wasn’t ever getting a “winter break” where I would have a full week off. Oddly enough I’ve had 4 sessions postpone

over the last two weeks leaving me with only corporate headshots which aren’t very exciting for you all. So now that I’ve had a

couple quiet weeks I’m finally getting a bunch of stuff done around the house and it feels great!

One of my friends needed a few shots yesterday and Nico promptly stepped in front of the camera to remind me how cute he is.


Loving this sunshine today. Man it feels good on my bones! Nothing else to say. Go enjoy your weekend. Happy Friday.

Heart, Melanie.

  • Jennie - Man, his face in the 1st pic, is your dad’s face. He’s adorable!

  • Aunt Net - Luv his spontaneous moves. He got that from Daddy and Poppie. Such an adorable little clown!!

  • Gildo - He’s so cute! Normally we need to work hard to get a smile in studio. This one looks like a fun & wonderful photo session.

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