the jeffcotts!

boys will always be boys.:)

kelly’s makeup (beth at laBella salon) and hair (by bridesmaid casey brogan:-D)looked beautiful.

handsome lil man:)

pat awaiting the arrival of his bride.

wow, kelly, everything came together SO perfectly. you look gorgeous.

so THIS is why people get married in the fall? lol.

the world’s coolest bouquet. lil bit of cabbage, feathers, curly willows, spider mums…so cool.

can we trade eyes?

officially the LARGEST wedding party we’ve ever shot. and we were even missing the flower girl!!

the dress colors worked so awesome together! you ladies look HOT HOT HOT.

ok, ok, you guys don’t look so bad either.:)

dude, your kids are going to have amazing eyes!!

for someone who doesn’t enjoy being photographed, ummmm you are a great model! OUR favorite!


why not sing into straws? they make great microphones!!

just a few of my favorite details…. those orange flowers are pincushion proteas, my favorite wedding flower:)

my sister whipped together her shoes the night before the wedding:)how cool do they look?

some of kelly’s aunts got together and made a few hundred cupackes. deeeeelicious!! i think i had 3! oops, don’t tell:)

the above pic to the right is my older sister ali. ali and kelly were inseperable through their entire adolescence. kelly was always over our house being her

crazy self, joking around with everyone as if she was another tracy girl. when kelly had her consultation with us, her ideas were ALLLL over the place. lol. they

were all fantastic but they needed to be pulled together before her wedding became a hot mess. i reminded her that ali could battle martha stewart in any

creative project and probably win. so needless to say ali became kelly’s official wedding planner and a year later, BAM look how fantastic things turned out.

lauren, kelly’s cousin already hired ali to be her ‘wedding coordinator’ all day, to do all those behind the scenes things that no bride or MOB should have to deal

with. so future brides, if you are interested in having a billion creative touches and the stress of your wedding day calmed down to no worries…let me know

and i’ll hook you up with my sister.:)

kel, you truly looked gorgeous! i’m so happy we got to share in this day with you. who would have thought 15 yrs ago, the little sister you were teasing non stop

would be capturing YOUR wedding day!! HA! crazy. i wish you much luck pat, though i’m sure you are plenty aware, she’s unstoppable.  heart, mel and adam.

  • alissa jones - i second that, ali is amazing, especially in a pinch… and more importantly, she doesn’t mind being the “bad cop”. ha!!

  • bobbi - Love EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEEEEEEESE!!!!! Kelly WORKED that bird cage veil! :D

  • jess@studio3z - BEAUTIFUL wedding! those details are amazing, and I think those may be my most FAVORITE bridesmaids dress colors I’ve ever seen!!

  • Kelly Kneflin Jeffcott - Mel and Adam the pictures are amazing more then I ever expected. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. You guys are the best. Thanks for being there to capture our day in such a creative way and dealing with the 27 ppl in the weddig party I know that had to be a hard job but you pulled it off thats why we love you guys!! Thanks again, Kelly and Patrick

  • Stephanie Stewart - AMAZING!!!! gorgeous bride and groom with such beautiful details – love the flowers, the DRESS!, the shoes! Love that image of the bride and groom with their heads touching in B & W, it’s just awesome! Love all of these!

  • Sarah - Who did the flowers?? They are amazing!!!

  • i thought of you… *kelly* | Rock Pink 4 Ali - [...] some of the funniest memories. a couple years ago adam and i had the pleasure of photographing kelly and pat’s wedding. Ali was starting to dabble in wedding planning at the time and helped kelly plan a beautiful [...]

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