Mr. & Mrs. Haley.

I’ll tell you what, this was a great way to end our year of 2014 weddings! If we could arrange for a fall beach wedding every year, I’d be

thrilled. The timing of this wedding was perfection. We had my cousin’s wedding in Clearwater on Saturday and were planning on taking

the kids down for a long weekend. My cousin’s wanted us to be guests and relax so we weren’t planning on taking equipment. Then Guy

calls me and on a whim asks if I’d even be interested in going to Florida to shoot Kel’s wedding in the fall. When he said Sarasota and the

date I think my response was first, “bahaha” then, “are you shitting me?” Couldn’t have worked out better. Though not much relaxing

happened, we at least got to spend a few days in sunny Florida. Holllerr!

Kelly and Dustin had a perfect day, especially with the predicted storms being on the radar in the days before. Joyce said she prayed to

every single person she knows in Heaven and glory be, they came through for her! 🙂




Kelly made all the bouquets for the gals. So beachy!


The reception was at Shelby Gardens which is pure magic. I could have spent hours there shooting but we had to work pretty fast before and

we got back just in time for sunset.


Kel waiting for her man to arrive for their first look. Beautiful!


Giddy, much?


Often I assume at weddings Adam is shooting behind me from a different angle. But sometimes I turn around and he’s having a

“SQUIRREL!” moment. In this case it was a “Ohh butterflllly” moment.  I’m happy he can still stop and find beauty around us because my

mind is so focused on the subjects, I don’t even notice the little things anymore. :0


That Spanish moss!!


Maura, Kelly’s older sister, made her seashell bouquet for her. I think it actually outweighed Kelly. Pretty cool, though!


The gals all had the exact same dress that was pleated to midsection then had two about 6ft pieces they could use to make the top half

however they wanted. I thought that was pretty darn nifty.





We had about 10 minutes to ourselves on the beach so we moved quick and made the best of it!




We were supposed to be inside for introductions but I just couldn’t walk away from this scene while it was perfection.


The wedding planner came out to let us know that, for real, we have got to go in. I showed her this on the back of my camera and she was

all, ooook fine we can wait a lil longer. 🙂


Lemme tell ya, it was like pulling teeth to get the guests to have fun at this reception!


Little bit of Grease cranking on the speakers.


Traditions of YMCA continued…


Well we can’t thank you enough for such a lovely time in Florida. I hope this was the perfect beach wedding you guys always dreamed of!

Everything was beautiful! Glad it worked out so perfectly for us too!! 🙂 Congrats! Heart, Melanie.

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