mr & mrs deno!

i absolutely love that she wore rocketdogs. her mom actually wore the same pair, just in black!! COOL!!

she specifically requested a ‘helmet head’ to protect from wind.:)you can NEVER have too much hairspray on your wedding day!!

laura is tall…:)so that’s not a giant putting on her veil, that’s mama on a chair! ha!

it figures that right as we were walking up to craig for their ‘first look’…here comes a college tour of about 20 kids with their parents! ha! in my nicest

voice i said, “move it on people, there’s nothing to see here!!” as they all ran past, they about broke their necks trying to see what was going on.:)

the wedding was at XU’s chapel so we explored campus for their portraits.

you probably recognize a few boys from this wedding! hardly ever do we have repeat groomsmen…and no repeat bridesmaids!

doesn’t she look like an angel? gorgeous. melanie’s favorite.

thank you abandoned house with overgrown weeds!:)

i feel like this should be called ‘bookends.”

:)hi handsome.

perfect bone structure? check.

laura is very close with her brother. they are adorable.

all smiles, all day!!

man, twice in one day i had to get fresh with people for my bride!! maybe it was so easy because i was 9mths pregnant, no time to mess around? one of

her requests was to get on XU’s field with some of her team members. long story short, when we arrived there was a high school boys game about to kickoff.

no joke, i ran (or maybe more of a waddle) on the field just as the ref was getting ready to place the ball and blow the whistle. HA! i waved my hands

as my cameras bounced all over, yelling WAIIIIT!!:)fought with the ref, who then brought a more important guy from the scoring booth, had a few ‘words’;)with

him… finally convinced them to give us THREEEE minutes…and bam. done. everyone stepped aside so we could get a few shots and then the crowd cheered.:)

laura reveals her fiesty side as well!

there was a little mixup with the timing of events at the reception hall so it gave us some bonus time to take pictures! we weren’t mad..i love this image!!

adam’s favorite.

let’s not talk about how cute this is. instead let’s discuss chris’ amazing style. the look we tried our best to do for our wedding. mismatched

shirt, tie, and handkerchief with a perfectly tailored brown suit. awesome.

these two are so dang cute. so sweet and happy all the time. even with little hiccups throughout the day, they remained calm and decided they can deal with it

later! good work friends, don’t let anything bring you down on your wedding day! you’ve waited your whole life for this day, don’t let any schmucks ruin it!

this wedding was a nice way to end our wedding season…thanks for the great time! heart, melanie and adam

  • emily. - hahahahaha! the soccer story is hilarious. you would mel. and once again, great pictures!

  • Craig - Mel & Adam you guys rock!!! These are absolutely amazing! I can’t possibly thank you guys enough for the unbelievable job you do. I can’t wait to see the rest. And I’m sure you can’t wait to get done so you can relax a little before the arrival of Baby Pace. Good Luck! Thanks again!!

  • laura - Melanie & Adam…… words can express!!! I must say, craig looks so handsome :) You two (or rather 3:)) really “got us”. The soccer moment was priceless!!! People should know not to underestimate the power of an 8.5mnth pregnant lady with determination ha! We love you guys and can’t wait to see the baby girl and just like you told me on the wedding day…….sit down girl!!!!! Relax and enjoy the moments guys, it goes by so fast…….loves ya both!

  • bobbi - LOVE these! especially the soccer shot…. :) The mental picture of you waddling and then fighting with the ref is hilarious to me… you’re so damn cute :)

  • brittany - Mel – you are hilarious. I can’t even imagine the guys about to play soccer and having to wait on some pregnant lady taking wedding photos. Great shot & great story. Also – Adam, if I haven’t told you this before – you have awesome ideas for the wedding ring photos. While I will always look at the blog and be amazed by all the shots, I have to admit that I am always searching for the rings to see your idea for capturing them.

  • jess@studio3z - love these!! both of your favs are FAB!!! love that ring shot at the end too. Mel, your soccer story cracks me up. that shot was sooo worth it.

  • Danielle D - I LOVE the soccer field one….the cleats make it AMAZING! I love the one with the branches too….very cool!

  • Stephanie Stewart - Awesome wedding! LOVE the bouquet shot, and that soccer shot is rad! So worth it!!! Amazing images, well done!

  • SarahM - So beautiful as always! Kiki told me about the soccer shot the day after. “You would not believe what Melanie did at Laura’s wedding last night!” I love the way you capture the personalities of everyone that you shoot. You two do a great job. Where were you eleven years ago? OH right in grade school… LOVE YOU good luck with Opal (that’s what Ellie calls her).

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